Pan-Atlantic Economical and Cultural Pact

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Pan-Atlantic Economical and Cultural Pact (PAECP - AWK) (eng)
Pan-Atlantischer Wirschafts- und Kulturpakt (AWK - PAECP) (ger)

2014 Prlmflag.png

Capital None

Official languages
- Official English, German

Government Econmical and Cultural Union
- Committee of the PAECP Jonathan Bunch, Maximilian Brunner

- Charter ratified 14 September 2014
- Formation into the People's Republic of Linian-Marksovka 3 January 2015
Population 14(2014)

Time zone CET/GMT+1 and UTC-7

Drives on the Varies

Date formats Gregorian calendar

Formats Metric system

Internet TLD .com

The Pan-Atlantic Economical and Cultural Pact, short: PAECP, (ger. Pan-Atlantischer Wirtschafts- und Kulturpakt, AWK) was a union between the Democratic People's Republic of Marksovka and the People's Republic of Linian. It was founded on the 14 September 2014. The first version of the Charter of the PAECP was written on the 14 September 2014 and the first Signator and Ratifier being the People's Republic of Linian. The Armed Forces of the PAECP were the Pan-Atlantic Revolutionary Troops, which are the Armed Forces of the PRML as of today..