Pan-Atlantic Revolutionary Troops

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Pan-Atlantic Revolutionary Troops (eng)
Pan-Atlantische Revolutionäre Streitkräfte (ger)

"Fünfzig Kilometer" and "Im Januar um Mitternacht"
Gleiche, gemeinsame Zukunft! (Same, mutual future!)
Stationed at Nabú and Marxstadt

Personnel classified

Divisions Pargfflag.png People's Ground Corps
Parafflag.png People's Air Corps

Established 2014

Colors Red and White

In command Pargfflag.png Marshal Michael Koestler
Parafflag.png Marshal Maximilian Brunner

The Pan-Atlantic Revolutionary Troops, P-ART or commonly known as the United Worker's Revolutionary Force (UWRF) are the military branch of the, now dissolved, Pan-Atlantic Economical and Cultural Pact, or PAECP. The PAECP was transformed to the People's Republic of Linian-Marksovka and the P-ART still serve as their military forces. The PART was formed to strengthen relations between PAECP nations, and has replaced several of the PAECP nations individual military branches, while leaving a few others to their own nation. The goal of the PART is to strengthen and spread Socialism globally while defending against Western Imperialism. The formation of the PART has allowed much better military coordination within the PAECP, putting sections of individual militaries under a single command instead of each having their own, this allows faster deployment and less confusion during operations. The PART is currently working on strengthening itself, in both the arms is possesses and the number of soldiers under its command, as well as reorganizing its structure in the new enviroment of Linian-Marksovka.


Higher Officers

Higher Officers
Marshal Senior officer
Marschall Leitender Offizier
7rank.png 4rank.png
Cmdflag7.png Cmdflag4.png


First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Group Officer
Leutnant Vize-Leutnant Gruppenoffizier
Rank45.png Rank34.png Rank23.png


Seargent Cadet 0 - 4** Cabin person 0 - 4**
Korporal Kadett 0 - 4** Kabinenperson 0 - 4**
3rank.png 2rank.png 1rank.png

* Shown Epaulettes are from the PAC. The PGC uses the color red, instead of lightblue.
Commando Flags as shown above are plain red with markings in the PGC.
** Ranks are numbered through hierarchically from 0 to 4; 4 being the highest.


  • Regiment (Regiment/Geschwader): consists of 2-4 battalions. Commanded by a Marshal or Major.
    • Battalion (Batallion/Abteilung): consists of 2-4 companies. Commanded by a Counter Officer or Major.
      • Company (Kompanie/Staffel): consists of 3-10 patrols. Commanded by a Senior Officer.
        • Patrol (Zug/Schwarm): consists of 2-5 groups. Commanded by a Second Lieutenant or First Lieutenant.
          • Group (Gruppe/Rotte): consists of 2-3 troops. Commanded by a Group Officer.
            • Troop (Trupp): consists of 2-5 soldiers. Commanded by a Cadet or Seargent.


People's Ground Corps

Small Arms

  • 1 Marlin Model 25
  • 1 Marlin Model 60SS
  • 1 Ithaca 37
  • 1 American Arms Silver II 28 Gauge
  • 1 Mossberg 835
  • 1 Ekol Firat Compact

Submachine guns

  • 1 Heckler & Koch MP5

Sniper rifles

  • 1 Baikal IZH6
  • 1 Ruger M77 Mark II

People's Air Corps


  • 1 MiG-21PF planned
  • 1 LinTech S-14 Drone, another one planned
  • 1 Scheibe SF 25 Falk
  • 1 Robinson R44(-22) planned