Oswald I of Yalta

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Oswald I
Defender of the Faith
King of Yalta
Reign1 May 2023 - Present
Coronation1 May 2023
PredecessorThrone Established
Prime MinisterVacant
Era name and dates
Oswaldian: 1 May 2023
Regnal name
Oswald Wilbur Montgomery
Military career
AllegianceKingdom of Yalta
Service/branchArmed Forces of Yalta
Years of service2023 - Present
RankField Marshal
Marshal of the Air Force
Admiral of the Fleet
Captain General
Commands heldCommander-in-Chief

His Majesty King Oswald I of Yalta is a micronationalist, royal, philosopher and micronation founder currently serving as the first King of Yalta. He has been reigning as King and involved in micronationalism since he founded Yalta on 1 May 2023.

Personal Life

Oswald was born in the United Kingdom. Despite being raised an atheist, religiously he is a Christian and he describes himself as an Anglo-Catholic. He describes himself as a philosopher, professing Stoicism as his philosophical values. Politically, Oswald is a monarchist and also a conservative - stating that he wishes to combat wokeism.

Micronational Life

Oswald founded Yalta on 1 May 2023, and took the throne following this. His reign currently is primarily associated with the establishment of Yalta and its institutions, functions, politics, military and culture. He established Yalta after researching micronations and being inspired to found his own and wanting to contribute to the micronational community.

After the foundation of Yalta on 1 May 2023, Oswald set up the Church of Yalta, the national parliament, government and other systems. However, he temporarily left Yalta in a state of inactivity stating his personal life became busy enough to take him away from Yalta. On 28 May 2023 he returned to micronationalism, finding more time to dedicate to it.

Titles and Styles

Since 1 May 2023 - His Majesty the King of Yalta, by the Grace of God, Defender of the Faith

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