Order of the Sunrise and Sunset

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Order of the Sunrise (日の出の順序)
Order of the Sunset (日没の注文)
Order of the Sunrise and Sunset.png
Official order's medal

Order of the Sunrise ribbon.png
Order of the Sunset ribbon.png
Official ribbon
Awarded by Kiseki Toyosaki
CountryYoko flag.png Empire of Yoko
Awarded forOutstanding peoples of Yoko and its allies
StatusCurrently constituted
First awarded2015
Total awarded2 (Sunrise)
2 (Sunrise)

The Order of the Sunrise (Japanese:日の出の順序) and Order of the Sunset (Japanese:日没の注文) is an order presented by Kiseki Toyosaki. It was established in 2015.

Traditionally, the order has been conferred upon eminent statesmen, chancellor, and other high-ranking politician. It may be conferred posthumously, and is the highest regularly conferred honour in the Taihanese honours system.

The Order of the Sunset has same purposes as the Sunrise and it is awarded to the allies of Yoko.