On Progressivism & Conservativism (2010 Essay)

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Title: On Progressivism and Conservativism
Subtitle: A look at the phenomenology of micronational inhomogeneity
Written: 30 May 2010
Author Jacob Tierney

On Progressivism and Conservativism - A look at the phenomenology of micronational inhomogeneity is a 2000 word essay written 30 May by Jacob Tierney, then Foreign Secretary of Renasia. It looks at one specific rift, issues that occur due to it, the implications for homogeneity (a value assigned to the quantity of tolerance and acceptance in the community) and how trends in homogeneity create a pattern of conflict in the community.
Written after the 2nd Black March, it attempts to display a plausible model for showing the reason that the micro community is unable to break the shackles of a cycle that he claims is self destructive, but unfortunately very difficult to escape. He brings to the fore his idea of the central cause of the cycle, showing his first micro-phenomenology model, The Elastic Homogeneity Model.
Posing questions such as "Are the acceptances of Conservativism and of Progressivism mutually exclusive?" and "Can we begin to create a method of analysing the situation and create predictions?", Mr. Tierney's work is the first of a series as he purports "This series must address the deeper issues. It must delve deep into factors affecting the mechanisations of the community".


  • Robert Lethler, at the time serving his third term as Chairman of the Grand Unified Micronational, described the essay as "a thoroughly enjoyable read" and praised Mister Tierney for "his keen understanding of the political undercurrents that run through our community". Chairman Lethler expressed the view that a number of important points had been raised with the essay, and stated that he would "carefully consider the essay's recommendations". He also expressed his "most sincere hope" that the essay would "stimulate intellectual debate [on the issues raised] among members of the diplomatic community".
  • James Stewart has said "I very much enjoyed reading this essay. An excellently written document and perfect presentation of this problem in the community"
  • Alexander Reinhardt called the essay a "fantastic piece of work, a perfect analysis of the current situation that we're having in our community, something that should be read by everyone, not only micronationalists" and has formally asked Minister of Culture and Education Fabiana Gallo della Loggia to include it in the readings of the Tor Pendente State University. "I'm hoping to see it read by students", he added.