Old Clubhausian

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Native toRepublic of Clubhausia
Empire of Lorentia
Republic of Fizona
Kingdom of Lytera(formerly)
Ruislip Warlords
Early forms
Modern English
  • SSS Spy-Code
    • Clubhausian
Official status
Official language in
None, formerly Republic of Clubhausia

The Old Clubhausian writing system (known at the time as just Clubhausian) is a code language, developed around 2011 by the Republic of Clubhausia. Once a common code system used for secret messages, it's usage fell once the Great Ruislip War began.


The development of the language is primarily thanks to Senator John, who designed a system of writing hat could be used for coded talks behind teacher's backs. It was envisioned to act as a replacement for the SSS language, a code language invented by Clubhausia's Secret Spy Squad, as the code was simply English upside down. Looking for symbols online, he used symbols from the International Phonetic Alphabet, which he found whilst browsing Wikipedia in school. The language was used often for how parts of it looked english and parts didn't, allowing for easy interpretation while staying out of the teachers radars.

The language's ease of use became it's downfall. During the war, the fact most of the combatants could read it meant it's use as a code language was no longer feasible. The language was replaced by plain English, leading to the interception of the Stonefield telegram.

Most physical evidence of the language no longer exists, however, a combined effort between Amelia I and the former leader of Lorentia in December 2019 managed to re-compile a list of all 26 Letters and some numbers from the system, using an old book and a pillar in the Clubhaus to reconstruct the language as part of the Lyteran promise of cultural preservation. Interestingly, the symbol of the Lyteran Lyira is the same as the Clubhausian letter L (ȴ), though the Lyteran Government state this was purely coincidental whilst looking for a symbol for the currency. A translator was created in 2020, and can be found Here.


There are twenty six Clubhausian symbols which correspond to the letters of the Latin alphabet, and several more to represent numbers. Punctuation is the same as English, and numbers are written (for over 10) as combining the numbers, similar to Japanese. Some letters are different if a capital or lowercase, but not all.

Clubhausian Alphabet ʌ ɮ ɕ ɖ ɛ ʢ ʔ ħ ɨ ɹ ʃ ȴ ɱ
Clubhausian Capital Letters Ʌ ɮ ɕ Ɖ Ɛ ʢ ʔ Ħ Ɨ ɹ Ʃ ȴ
Latin alphabet A B C D E F G H I J K L M
Clubhausian Alphabet ŋ θ ɲ̊ ɸ ɾ̼ ʂ ʈ ʉ ʎ̆ ɰ ɤ ɣ ʐ
Clubhausian Capital Letters Ŋ Θ Ɲ̊ ɸ ɾ̼ ʂ Ʈ Ʉ ʎ̆ ɰ ɤ Ɣ ʐ
Latin alphabet N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
Clubhausian Numbers 三一 三二 三三 三三一 三三二 三三三 X X三二 二X 三二X C 三三三C三三三X三三三 U
Numbers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 15 20 50 100 999 1000