Nishinoshima Prefecture

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Nishinoshima Prefecture

Flag of Nishinoshima.png

Prefecture of Yoko
Motto: 偉大な皇帝雹!
Hail the great Emperor!
Area2.71 km²
Head of PrefectureHiro Takashima
Vice Head

Nishinoshima Prefecture (Japanese :西ノ島県; Romaji:Nishinoshima ken) is the one of the prefecture of Yoko.


Nishinoshima the Tokyo south of about 1,000 km , Chichi-jima is located in the west about 130 km of, volcanic islands belong to the same volcanic range and (Ioretto), is active undersea volcanic activity in the vicinity. Nishinoshima submarine ratio high 4,000 M appeared on the surface of the sea of large volcanic body of a diameter of 30 km summit hits the part. Until 2013 before the eruption had the old crater under the sea southeast of Nishinoshima, it reclaimed the old crater begins eruption from the new crater, which can under the west sea of the old crater in 2013, this is now seventh crater of the new crater group pyroclastic cone to form the highest point of Nishinoshima become. Around the sea, island of northern offshore about 1200m, in the shallow waters of less than 5m water depth up to west about 400m, the former becomes a steep slope of the volcano body, leading to the deep sea of several thousand M.