Nim Chesworth Company

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Nim Chesworth Company
Traded asBSM: NCC
FoundedNovember 4, 2012
FounderNim Chesworth
HeadquartersBayton, Brogenia
Number of locations
Area served
Province of Lamburn in Brogenia
Key people
Nim Chesworth
ProductsFigures, Play Clay
OwnerNim Chesworth
Number of employees

The Nim Chesworth Company, founded on November 4, 2012, is a Brogenian corporation specialized in creating productions.


The Nim Chesworth Company was founded on November 4, 2012 under a Business Charter and Business License authorized by the Brogenian Ministry of Finance. Nim Chesworth founded the company for the creation of productions, and shortly before the official creation, announced that he would be planning for the company to sell basic goods.

Corporate affairs

Executive management

Currently, Nim Chesworth is the CEO and the only chairman on the board of the Nim Chesworth Company. Chesworth Headquarters are located in Bayton, Brogenia.

Financial results

Chesworth Company has not received any income yet, but plans to create more short films and products to increase its revenue.


As of now, Chesworth Company is only operating in the province of Lamburn in Brogenia, but has plans to increase its service range to the province of Brayson.

Products and services

Chesworth Company has only released two products thus far. The first short film in the series Figures: The Journey Home, and the toy Play Clay.


•Create more short films in the series Figures.