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Brogenian Broadcasting System
The BBS Logo
Type Broadcaster
Country Brogenia
Headquarters Bayton
Director Nim Chesworth
Established Late 2011
Official website (none)

The Brogenian Broadcasting System (BBS) is a broadcasting corporation headed by Director Nim Chesworth and is registered on the BNCC. The BBS provides news, entertainment, and campaign updates.


The BBS was founded in late 2011 so that news, entertainment, and other media may be relayed to the Brogenian public and so that campaign speeches and other election-related material may be posted on the BBS.


The first show that was came out was Life in the Savannah created by Nim Chesworth. The first episode came out on July 30, 2012, the same day that the BBS officially obtained a youtube channel.

Life in the Savannah - Nim Chesworth Company (July 30, 2012 - August 2012)

Nature and Wildlife - Brogenian Geographic Society (August 18, 2012 – present)

Classical BBS Radio - BBS (August 18, 2012 – present)

Captain Sam and Crew - Nim Chesworth Company (October 29, 2012 – present)

Figures - Nim Chesworth Company (November 10, 2012 – present)