National Green Party

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National Green Party
LeaderNim Chesworth
FoundedJuly 26, 2012
Official colorsGreen

The National Green Party (NGP) is the third political party formed in Brogenia and was founded by Nim Chesworth, the former leader of the National Conservative Party (NCP).


The NGP was formed at 12:00 PM on July 26, 2012 by Nim Chesworth, who was the former leader of the NCP, which was the biggest political party at the time. But, on July 25, 2012, Nim Chesworth left the NCP and wrote in an email to the Finance Minister, Alexander Smith, that he "disagreed with some views of conservatism, and decided to form a different party...". Therefore, at exactly noon the next day, the NGP was officially founded as the third political party in Brogenia, with Nim Chesworth as it's Founder and current leader.


The Idealogy of the NGP is Nationalism, to be patriotic to Brogenia, Environmentalism, because we need to find cleaner sources of energy and protect the Earth, and Centrism, a mix of ideals from both the right and left. The following are ideals of the NGP:


-Everyone has right to decent education, health care, and housing

-Support free school programs for families with low income

-Parents/Guardians choose school for their child

-Supports proportional costs of health care but against government-funded healthcare


-Supports trained and adequate military

Human Rights:


-Against cloning


-Pro-environment and supports green and renewable energy sources

-Limit dependency on foreign energy sources, and use our resources to power Brogenia


-Supports Fiscal Responsibility (businesses must support themselves)

-Against labor unions

-Will raise taxes in order to fund welfare programs and necessary government services

Foreign Affairs:

-Isolationist policy regarding war (trying to stay nuetral)

-Country first (help our country, then help others)

-Maintain Brogenia's position in the international stage


The NGP currently has 2 seats in the National Assembly, and the current President, Nim Chesworth, is a National Greenist.