Nick (Non-Normie Union)

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Nick Goblirsch
Ambassador of the Non-Normie Union
Successor Incumbent
Administrator of the Non-Normie Union
Successor Incumbent
Member of the Parliament of Ceticilia
22 February 2021 office
Personal information
Born 2005
Citizenship American
Nationality American
Residence America

Nick Goblirsch is a Ceticilian politician and a politician of the Non-Normie Union. He was born in 2005 and lives in Omaha, Nebraska, United States.

Life and Personal Career

Nick was born in Iowa, but currently resides in Omaha, Nebraska. He is currently in high school. His achievements in his personal career include second place at nationals quiz bowl and Vice President of his high school's GSA.

Military Service

Nick first served as a spy in the Miguel's Supporter Army. He then served as a Commanding Founding Officer in the ANSRNE, and participated in several attacks.

Political Career


Nick won a Parliamentary election shortly after being admitted into Ceticilia, he is currently a Member of Parliament and the youngest of the Members of Parliament in Ceticilia.


Nick is officially an Administrator of the Non-Normie Union, and has been since its founding. He was also formally received in Ceticilia as the Ambassador of the NNU.

Political stances

Nick is a member of the Ceticilian DSP and can be described as being left-wing. He is a Marxist.