Non-Normie Union

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Non-Normie Union
Flag of the Non-Normie Union.svg

Official language(s)Standard NNU English
Short nameNNU
- Provisional PresidentMiguel
Internet TLD.nnu (planned)

The Non-Normie Union, also known as the NNU, is a "micronation-like organization" and a member of DANC.



Normie comes from normal + -ie. Normie eventually spread to several online subcultures as a means to refer to non-members of a subculture. This usage was inherited into several of the subcultures from which the NNU's membership has come, most importantly, Meme Culture. When the Anti-Normie State of Rage Night and Emenbee (ANSRNE) was being formed, several smaller groups and communities were being mixed together. The ANSRNE formed in aggression towards those outside of Meme Culture, "normies". The usage of normie to refer to outsiders of one's community or subculture was eventually borrowed, and came to refer to anyone outside of the ANSRNE and its communities, rather than simply someone not well-acquanted with Meme Culture. "Non-Normie" essentially means, "not unlike ourselves", in this sense. As a result of being adopted as a label for outsiders, normie eventually came to be associated with the characteristics of those not in the ANSRNE, within the people's vocabulary. Eventually, Normie came to represent the things typical of outsiders themselves, and Non-Normie as a simple self-identifer, refering to what is believed to be typical of the membership and its culture.

This usage of a generic word in a cultural group's vocabulary as a self-identifer can also be seen in various other cultural groups. The etymologies of deutsch and Inuit are similar.

Non-Normie Union

The Non-Normie Union comes from "Non-Normie" in the "typical of us" sense, and "Union" as a reference to the fractured history of the NNU and the various communities it comes from, emphasizing "Pan-Non-Normie Unity" as one of its goals.


Emenbee Realms

A Minecraft server where Provisional President Miguel met several of his admins such as Ambassador Nick.

Moscow (Very old)

An old civilization from Minecraft.

Rage Night

The Spam Team (Summer of 2015-Early 2018)

A group of meme page admins on Instagram who organized the spamming and raiding of hashtags and accounts.

Miguel Supporters Army (MSA) (October 2017)

A group of protesters who defended MiguelX413 when he was demanding democratic control of Rage Night and was subsequently muted.

Anti-Normie State of Rage Night and Emenbee (ANSRNE) (Late 2017-Late 2018)

The Anti-Normie State of Rage Night and Emenbee was formed circa November 4, 2017. While some documents of importance detailing the exact reason for creation were lost, it is known that 4 original founders were there: current President of the NNU Miguel, Potato Ben, Lucy (Waddles), and Nick (Messy).

The name of the state is derived from Emenbee, the infamous Minecraft server detailed in the above articles, and Rage Night, a discord server also detailed above that was home to many political movements such as the MSA and the original ideas and creation of the archaic ANSRNE.

A definition for the term Normie was immediately brought forth into debate, and two flags were raised as a symbol of the state. Many national anthems were immediately proposed, but a single official anthem was not voted on, and as of yet the current NNU has not chosen one.

The definition of Normie was regularly debated in the normie-studies chat, the term would not be completely defined until much later on, however, a draft was introduced in 2018. It is as follows:

                     Normies are individuals who blindly subscribe to the social and or political norms and common ideologies, without any reason aside from its vast popularity. These people can be described as "jumping on the bandwagon" of popular thoughts, as to not have to do any heavy thinking or processing of ideas themselves, or to simply fit in with the societal norm. More often than not, these 'normies' will set aside any remnants of personal value or morals just to fit in or to meet the standard of society. They follow without fact or reason, and lack either the capability or simply the will to produce independent thought. 

A few days after the original creation of the state, new founders were introduced. These individuals were Parker (Pureloor) and Nate.

Bureaucracy of the ANSRNE

The ANSRNE was particularly notable for the number of departments, ministries, as well as military divisions it had.

Name Purpose
Anti-Normie eXploration Agency (ANXA) Managing the ANSRNE's space launches and creation of payloads.
Department of Writing and Archives Creating and maintaining legal documents, logs, and historical documents of the ANSRNE.
Department of IT To manage the ANSRNE's networking, online platforms, digital assets, and hardware.
Department of Law Handling the paperwork to actually implement legislation.
Department of Propaganda Creating propaganda for the ANSRNE.
Department of Psychology Researching psychology and information about normies.
Department of Recruitment Recruiting new members for the ANSRNE.
Department of Translation Translating things for the rest of the government.

Anti-Normie State (ANS)

Provisional Administration of the Non-Normie Union (Late 2018-Present)

Foreign relations

Flag of DANC

The Non-Normie Union is a  DANC member.

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