New Pecos County

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County of New Pecos
Motto: Danos Fuerza
Location of County of New Pecos
Official languagesEnglish, Spanish
Demonym(s)New Pecosite
• Monarch
Jackson I
• Governor
25 July 2020
• Estimate
Time zoneCentral Standard Time

The County of New Pecos, (/npkɪs/) or (/npks/) often shortened to New Pecos or New Pecos County is a county in Kapreburg. New Pecos got its name from two different sources, the American tall tale character Pecos Bill, and Pecos. This is why the motto is in Spanish.


Seal of New Pecos
A phone pole that was knocked over during a tornado on 10 August 2020.

Before being Kapresh territory, the land that is now New Pecos was formerly part of the U.S. state of Illinois, and therefore also formally part of the Indiana Territory, and Illinois Territory. The land that is now known as New Pecos was covered in forest until recently, when houses started being constructed. Formerly, New Pecos was parts of the provinces of Concordia and Dottia.

2020 derecho

On 10 August 2020, an EF1 tornado came through all 3 counties of Kapreburg, it first hit Earnhardt County and then came through Charriot'sVille County and New Pecos County. New Pecos was hit the worst, with multiple trees knocked over and multiple cars and homes damaged. It was the worst natural disaster to ever hit Kapreburg.

Battle of Koehler Square

On 16 April 2021 a 30 minute battle was sparked between Kapresh forces and 4 unorganized anti-Kapresh terrorists over theft of property of Jackson I. This resulted in a 30 minute game of cat and mouse, with occasional action until the terrorists fled the scene. All the fighting happened in New Pecos, with a little bit of action occuring in the U.S. state of Illinois.


The majority of New Pecos is suburban housing, but New Pecos is home to Koehler Square, a park which is home to Johnson Hill, a multi use sports field, and a playground.