Exarchate of New Mystras

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Exarchate of New Mystras
Imvrassian Flag.png
Imvrassian Coat of Arms II.png
Coat of arms
Motto: Η ισχύς εν τη ενώσει
Anthem: Τη Υπερμάχω Στρατηγό
CapitalNew Mystras
Official languagesGreek
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
• Monarch of Imvrassia
Aggelos I
• Exarch
Konstantinos of Kourka
Establishment10 December 2016
• Census
Time zoneUTC+2

New Mystras is an Exarchate of the Empire of Imvrassia.


Independent Era

New Mystras was founded on 5 December 2010 by his majesty the Despot Neopaleologos I' as a Despotate. It bears the legacy of the ancient Byzantine Empire and the spirit of Ancient Greece.

Imvrassian Era

After a long period of inactivity, the Prince of Imvrassia declared the Despotate under his protection and proclaimed himself Prince of New Mystras on 11 December 2012. From 15 January to 4 October 2013, the Despotate of New Mystras was an autonomous part of the Principality of Imvrassia. On 5 October 2013 the Despotate of New Mystras was put under the protectorate of the Principality of Imvrassia and on 25 November 2013, became a member of the Commonwealth of Hellenic Micronations and finally was annexed as an Exarchate from Imvrassia on 10 December 2016.


New Mystras is an Exarchate of the Empire of Imvrassia. New Mystras is ruled by an Exarch, nominally appointed by the Crown and is thought to be hereditary.
From 10 October 2019 Baron Konstantinos of Kourka became the Exarchate's Chartoularios and took over the management and from 15 October 2019 the Exarchate's parliament the House of Representatives became active.
On 29 October 2019 Konstantinos of Kourka was promoted to the rank of Exarch due to his administrative and organizational work.
After the administrative reorganization of 1 January 2020 the Exarchate has administratively subordinate to the Praetorian Prefecture of Elladia.


New Mystra's culture is based on Greek culture. From 17 October 2019 was founded a virtual public library and a virtual (unrecognized without tuition) university. From 17 October 2019 was founded also sports federation.

Administrative division's

New Mystras until today has no administrative divisions and it more an active as an internet community.

Academy of strategic issues

New Mystras runs the first academy that trains strategists. The students of this academy learn how to plan strategies of both defense and offence, how to find the enemy's weaknesses and many more useful -when it comes to war- things. The lessons are mostly web-based. To join the academy you have to visit the official website and follow the instructions given there. Now it is deactivated.