New Lorxia

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New Lorxia is a small city state that is semi independent from the Blue Army.

The Colony of New Lorxia

Flag of New Lorxia.png
Flag of New Lorxia.



currency: Poody & ono/golder

Population 2


New Lorxia was founded on dec-6 of 2018 as a Vassalite Colony to the Blue Army.

It had only one citizen who was put in office to be the mayor by the Creator. Mayor Leaf as as commonly referred to is the current mayor and will remain the mayor until the Grand 2018 Lorxian votes for mayor.


Ths only Party in the Colony is the Plant Party with the current mayor being a member of the party. In the near future there may be enough residents to create a new party in the Colony.

Foreign Relations

The Colony of New Lorxia has diplomatic relations with the Blue Army and its other vassalite states.

Political Parties

Plant Party


The mayor of New Lorxia is Ron Leaf who is the adopted brother of Peter leaf. The mayors Policy is to do nothing, this is a common Policy in the Plant Party