Nemkhav Citizenship Initiative 2009

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The Nemkhav Citizenship Initiative is a Government-sponsored initiative, under the supervision of the Office of the Federation Premier, to attract new people to the Nemkhav Federation. Like other micronations, Nemkhavia is always seeking to increase it's numbers. To this end, Premier Mark Meehan established the Citizenship Initiative 2009. It is focused in the months of August–December 2009, and is comprised of different events and offers designed to offer prospective citizens a taste of life with the Federation.

Contact the Nemkhav Citizenship Initiative:

Citizenship of Nemkhavia

Citizenship of the Republic is open to all people who believe in the ideals of freedom and democracy. They need not live anywhere close to the Republic, nor to they have to commit territory to the Republic in order to become a citizen.


The Federation is based upon Republics and Provinces. See the Nemkhavia page for more information. If you wish to become a President of a Republic or Governor of a Province, contact the office of the Premier at the above address.

Political parties

Anyone in the Federation may found a political party for their own Republic, or in the House of Representatives of the Federation. It can have a presence in both, there is complete freedom in this regard.

Message from the maker

If you lead a micronation, you are more than welcome to join the Federation. Should you wish to join Nemkhavia, your nation would retain control of it's affairs as before, simply agreeing to leave control of defence to the Federation Government (of which you will be a part), as per the Nemkhav Federation Bill 2009. If you lead a Kingdom or similar nation, you can join the Federation with your nation becoming an Autonomous Province. If you lead a Republic, your nation can become an Autonomous Republic of the Federation, with the same elected leader(s) as before. All that we ask is that you agree that your nation will keep to the ideals of freedom and equality that the Federation stands for. Contact the above address, or leave a message on this article's discussion page for more information.