Chamber of Deputies (Uskor)

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Chamber of Depuites of Uskor

Uskor Riksdag
Uskor Storþing
Coat of arms or logo
Unicameral parliament
Lord Speaker
Queen Astrid (last), Uskorian Greens-De Gröna
Deputy Speaker
Appointed by monarch
Last election
August 2014
Meeting place
Palace of the People

The Chamber of Deputies of Uskor (Swedish: Riksdag), was the unicameral legislative body of the Uskor which consisted of Members of the Chamber of Deputies (MCD) (Swedish: Riksdagsledamot (RL)) (Uskor: Þingmanur or Ombudsman (ÞM or OM)) who represented a constituency from within Uskor and had the pre nominal title of Senator. The Chamber had never in its conception seen serious domination by a single party.

Each term generally lasted one year with the Queen having the ability to dissolve the term early.

Parliamentary Powers

The Chamber of Deputies of Uskor had full legislative powers within the context of those provided to it by Uskor's constitution.

Constitutional Basis

According the the constitution, the chamber of deputies enjoyed the following powers:

  • adopts laws, resolutions and other general acts;
  • Decides to amend the Constitution with a majority of all its deputies
  • Announces referenda in accordance with the law;
  • Ratifies international treaties;
  • Elects the Government and expresses no confidence in it;
  • Oversees the work of the Government and other public institutions that report to the Assembly in accordance with the Constitution and the law;
  • Oversees foreign and security policies;
  • Gives consent to the King’s decrees during or after a State of Emergency;
  • Decides in regard to general interest issues as set forth by law.