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The National Assembly of the Federal Republic of Ostton is the parliament of Ostton. it is a unicameral body of 7 members. It is elected by the single-transferable vote method for a two months long term. It is headed by the Speaker of the National Assembly.

National Assembly
Founded17th September 2021
Preceded byFederal Assembly
Tobey Wyles, Independent
since 29 March 2023
Deputy Speaker
Political groups
  •   National Democratic Party of Ostton (3)
  •   Solidarity and Liberty (2)



The National Assembly founded on June 23, 2021 as the "Federal Assembly". It originally had 5 members.

During the "collegiate period" (23 June - 24 August 2021), when the nation functioned with a Directorial system, the Federal Assembly had the authority to elect the Federal Council (the executive branch) and to choose a "Federal President" from its members.

After the end of the collegiate period, the nation transitioned into a semi-presidential system. The Federal Assembly, jointly with two representatives from each Osttonian Canton elected the President of the Federation as the "Federal Convention". This period lasted until 17 September 2021.

On 17 September, Ostton became a unitary state and the Federal Assembly became the "National Assembly". It remained its authority to elect the President until 7 February 2022.

On 7 February 2022, Ostton adopted a Basic Law, which established a presidential system and made the Presidency directly elected.

Until 7 February 2022, the Speaker of the National Assembly was known as "President of the Federal Assembly" (June 2021 - September 2021) and "President of the National Assembly" (September 2021 - February 2022).

On the 7th March, after loads of protests, the National Assembly was dissolved a provisional statute was adopted, which dissolved the National Assembly, cancelled the aforementioned Basic Law, banned political parties and established a National Diet, which served as a legislature, but was unelected [1] to balance the left-wing and the right-wing. This period ended on March 28, 2022. Until January 2023, the National Assembly it used a party-list proportional representation system to elect its members.

Current Duties

Currently, the National Assembly serves as Ostton's unicameral parliament and has the authority to pass, debate, propose and amend legislation, including laws and constitutional laws,[2]

It also has the authority to hold motions of confidence and censure against the Government and its members.[3][4]

The National Assembly has the right to impeach the President of the Federation by a three-quarters majority, should it believe the President has "acted in clear and gross violation of the National Dignity, deliberately acted contrary to the relations between the Federation and the Cantons and acted in wilful violation of this Constitution."[5]


Name Party
Fabian Jusep National Democratic Party of Ostton
Edward Shaw National Democratic Party of Ostton
Kimberley Qwerty National Democratic Party of Ostton
Esty Carpentieri Solidarity and Liberty
Nicolas Caiazzo[6] Solidarity and Liberty
Tobey Wyles Independent
Vacant None