Federal Republic of Ostton

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Federal Republic of Ostton
Flag of Ostton
Coat of arms of Ostton
Coat of arms
Anthem: "Auld Lang Syne"
CapitalWeddington (de facto)
Official languagesEnglish
Other languages
GovernmentFederal semi-presidential republic
• President of the Federation
Esty Carpentieri
• Prime Minister
Zerorius Hiruko
• Deputy Prime Minister
Devin Purcell
Fabian Jusep
• Speaker of the National Assembly
Tobey Wyles
LegislatureNational Assembly
Independence from the United Kingdom
• Founded as the Ostton Federation
23 June 2021
• Estimate
8 inhabitants
37 citizens
CurrencyGreat Britain Pound (de facto)
Time zoneGMT (Capital)

GMT+1 (Rhein Bodensee and Bonaterra)

GMT+2 (Hellenia)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy

Ostton, officially the Federal Republic of Ostton, is a micronation located in Europe and Oceania. Ostton borders with the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Greece, Italy and Australia. Ostton is a Semi-presidential republic.


Ostton was founded in June 2021 as a federation of two cantons after a dispute causing the inactivity and subsequent dissolution of the Estror Republic. It has since grown to have six cantons. For most of its history Ostton has been a federation however there have been brief periods, for example during provisional governments, in which it has been unitary with provinces and appointed governors instead of elected cantonal institutions. Throughout much of its history it has suffered instability, despite managing to remain Democratic throughout this and having many changes of constitution. The current constitution was published on 18 September 2022.


Administrative divisions

Name Population Governor Location
Canton of Heron 4 Tobey Wyles Southern England
Canton of Neuton 9 Fabian Southern England
Canton of Rhein Bodensee 3 Ludwig van der Bellen Switzerland
Free Canton of Bonaterra 3 Esty Carpentieri Northern Italy
Canton of Hellenia 1 Chris Link Greece


Ostton is a federal semi-presidential republic. The President of the Federation is the head of state, head and commander in chief of the armed forces and has many reserve powers including to dissolve the National Assembly without consulting its speaker or the government, however the president is instructed by the constitution not to be involved with the executive and he cannot attend meetings of the federal government without the permission of the prime minister, who is the head of government, this is intended to provide a balance of powers, and avoid a strong president or a strong government. The National Assembly is tasked with making laws, holding the government to account, approving the programme of government, impeaching the president if necessary, and approving amendments to the constitution and other constitutional laws.


Party Position Ideologies Leader National Assembly seats
Solidarity and Liberty (SL) Left-wing to Far left Democratic Socialism and Left-wing Populism Esty Carpentieri
2 / 7
National Democratic Party of Ostton (NDPO) Big tent Progressivism and Populism Edward Shaw
2 / 7
United Right (UR) Right-wing to right-wing National Conservatism and Social Conservatism Andrew Perdomo
1 / 7