Myrotanian National Party

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Myrotanian National Party
De myrótanyesce natijesce partij
PresidentH.I.M. Thomas I, Emperor
FounderH.I.M. Thomas I, Emperor
SloganΕλευθερία ή θάνατος (Greek)
AnthemWorld in Union
The National Anthem
Founded08 August 2014
IdeologyMicronational independence
Political positionRight-wing
ReligionRoman Catholic
National affiliationOrder of the Yellow Dragons
Official colours     Red
Seats in Parliament
2 / 2
Election symbol
Red dove
Party flag
MNP logo.png

The Myrotanian National Party (De myrótanyesce natijesce partij) is the only active political party in the Empire of Myrotania.[1] It is also referred to as The National Party or, simply, The Nationalists. Its current leader is H.I.M. Thomas I, Emperor of Myrotania.


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