Religion in Myrotania

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Religions professed by Myrotanians as of May 1, 2015

The official religion of the Empire of Myrotania is Roman Catholicism and the majority of citizens identify themselves as some denomination of Christianity.

Overview of Religion within Myrotania

Myrotania was founded as a Roman Catholic country in March 2013 with purely Roman Catholic citizens but from that point, people of different faiths around the world began to join. There are, however, only a very small number of citizens so, as the popularity of the nation widens; so will the variety of religions.

The Percentages

Roman Catholicism: 36.8% OFFICIAL
Protestantism: 36.8%
Atheism: 15.8% Orthodox Christianity 5.3%
Reform Judaism: 5.3%

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Empire of Myrotania

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