Myrotanian Act 9

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Act 9 - Religious Freedom was first passed on 10 May 2013 and was most recently revised on 7 May 2014.

Act 9

1. The official religion of the Empire, as outlined in Act 1 No. 5, is Roman Catholicism – using the Roman or Latin Rite of the Catholic Church and recognises all members of the clergy, in full communion with the Holy Pontiff, as leaders to be respected.
2. The Emperor must be a Roman Catholic, as is stated in Act 1 No. 14 of the Law.
3. Citizens are free to believe in whichever deities they choose, or in none at all, yet their beliefs must register in the biennial census.
4. Citizens may gather anywhere within the public land of the Empire and may host religious events, public worship and evangelise to the peoples; however this evangelisation must strictly be Christian and in communion with Catholic belief and teaching.
5. Public da’wah, i.e. the public preaching and proselytising of Islam, is strictly forbidden on the public land of the Empire. As is all public religious preaching that does not 100% concur with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.
6. Citizens are free to build places of worship for their religions, provided that the buildings and the religion, they concern, are registered with the Emperor.

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