Myrotanian Act 1

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Act 1 - The Constitution was first passed on 7 March 2013 and was most recently revised on 5 August 2014.

Act 1

1. The Head of State is the Emperor
2. The Head of Government is the Emperor
3. The Emperor is to be referred to as His Imperial Majesty or Your Imperial Majesty / Your Excellency when addressing the Emperor, himself.
4. The official language of the Empire is Myrotanian, however the Empire accept English, Esperanto and Italian to be used in formal situations, due to their commonness as citizens’ spoken languages.
5. The official religion of the Empire is Roman Catholicism.
6. The official motto of the Empire is "Opinio Essentialis"
7. The official time zone of the Empire is UTC and doesn’t change
8. The official national hymn or anthem of Myrotania is “World in Union” by Charlie Skarbek.
9. The patron saint of the Empire is St. Thomas Aquinas.
10. The national animal is the dragon.
11. The official calendar system of the Empire is the Georgian Calendar
12. The list of succession to the throne of the Empire is as follows (from eldest to youngest):

    a. Son
    b. Father
    c. Brother
    d. Grandfather
    e. Uncle
    f. Nephew
    g. Male first cousin
    h. Male second cousin
    i. Wife
    j. Closest living relative

13. People can be married into the line of succession but they are lower down.
14. To become Emperor, one must be a male Roman Catholic (one may convert if wants to be applicable for the line of succession) with the one exception of the wife (she must still be Catholic). If an emperor dies or stands down and there are no other relatives in the list above that come before the wife then the wife of the Emperor emeritus either becomes the Empress regnant until she dies or stands down, or simply passes the title on to the nearest closest relative.
15. The heir-apparent to the throne of the Empire shall be referred to as His Imperial Highness or Your Imperial Highness / Your Highness when addressing the Crown Prince, himself.
16. All other members of the line of succession are to be referred to as princes of the Empire. They acquire the same honorary title as the Crown Prince.
17. The Emperor passes the acts and the laws.
18. This Constitution (Act 1 of the Empire of Myrotania) can only be changed will full consent of the Emperor, himself. This excludes the hypothetical Empress regnant.
19. The national colours of the Empire of Myrotania are red and yellow.

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