Muchnieg B. R. Hausgurd

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His Imperial Majesty
Muchnieg Barborosa Hausgurd
Emperor of the Hausgurd Union of the Crowns

Emperor of the H.U.C
Reign 16th March 2020 - Present
Coronation 16th March 2020
Predecessor None
House Hausgurd
Born 28/10/2007
Madiera Island
Religion Roman Catholic

Muchnieg Barbarossa Rommel Hausgurd (2007-Present) is the current Emperor of the Hausgurd Union of the Crowns. He is resides macronationally in Glasgow, Scotland and is of Portuguese heritage.

Micronational Career

Muchnieg created the Tipidian Empire (Unknown-2020) with a friend as his first micronation after learning about them on Youtube. Very few records were created during this time, so little is known or his exploits. During his reign he met Joseph Peto, another micronationalist from the UK, then ruler of the short-lived GIRC, who he collaborated with to create the Hausgurd Union of the Crowns.

In the 1st Imperial Electoral Muchnieg won a landslide victory, beating his sole rival Peto with a 100% majority. Once Emperor, he oversaw the writing of the Constitution, as well as many other important pieces of legislation.

Muchnieg I
Born: 28 October 2007
Regnal titles
New title Emperor of Tipidia
Unknown - 16 March
Succeeded by
New title Emperor of the H.U.C
16 March
Order of precedence
First Order of precedence of the Hausgurd Union of the Crowns Succeeded by
Joseph Peto