The Grand Imperial Republic of Casteau

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The Grand Imperial Republic of Casteau (Eng.)
Magni Imperium Reipublicae Casteau (Lat.)
GIRC (Abbr.)

Flag of Casteau.pngCrowned Disc.png

virtute enim resurgemus
New World Symphony (Excerpt)
Dronfield,United Kingdom
Capital cityPhearon
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Secular
Short nameCasteau
DemonymCasteauean, Castean
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
- EmperorJoseph I
- TreasurerJoseph I
LegislatureChamber of Delegates
- Type - Unicameral
Established10th February 2020
CurrencyImperial Pounds Carat (₽) (de facto Pounds Sterling (£))
Time zoneUTC +0

The Grand Imperial Republic of Casteau (GIRC), more commonly known as Casteau, is a micronation, which claims to be a Sovereign State, located within the UK, of which it is a macronational enclave, and by which it is landlocked. Founded in Dronfield, a town in Derbyshire, it declared independence on Monday the 10th February 2020. It is composed of two major enclaves located in close proximity to one another, and several smaller enclave states.

The Republic is currently recognised as a sovereign state by the Republic of Frigusland and is in the process of creating positive relations with other micronations, including the United Islands of America and the American Commonwealth.


The name Casteau was invented by the Emperor some days before the creation of the micronation.



The GIRC was founded officially by Law 1 - The Act for the Creation of the Sovereign Entity of Casteau as a Micronation was passed into being and signed by the soon-to-be Emperor Joseph I at 16:52 on Monday the 10th of February, 2020. Shortly after the Chamber of Delegates was convened for the first time and Joseph was appointed Treasurer and democratically elected Emperor.

Politics and Government

The current legislative house is the Chamber of Delegates, which was founded by the same Law as the rest of the nation. The current number of members of the Chamber of Delegates stands at 1, although as the population rises the membership should go up. Members of the Chamber are entitled to the title of Delegate. The Chamber is chaired normally by the Treasurer, although the Emperor currently holds this office. The executive office is the Emperor, who is also the highest, and currently only, judicial office. The current holder of the office of Emperor is Joseph I.

Foreign Relations

The Micronation acquired a Discord server on the 12/02/2020, shortly after which the population rose by five. The GIRC is recognised officially by one micronation, the Republic of Frigusland, and is engaging in diplomatic relations with seven others. These are:


The GIRC does not have a military, although there is provision for a militia to be raised.

Unification and Obsoleteness

The GIRC unified with the Tipidian Empire to create the Hausgurd Union of the Crowns. This page has been left as it was prior to unification but is now defunct. All foreign relations no longer exist. For more information about Casteau please see Casteau.