Monarchy of Mëcklewmburg-Wladir

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Grand Duchess Regnant of Mëcklewmburg-Wladir
Arms of the Grand Duchess
Personal standard of Gabriela I.
StyleHer Grand Ducal Highness
Typehereditary monarchy
ResidenceGrand Ducal Palace
Term lengthUntil death or abdication.
Inaugural holderGabriela I
Formation9 April 2021; 3 years ago (2021-04-09)

The Monarchy of Mëcklewmburg-Wladir is at the center of the structure of the grand duchy. It is a monarchy governed under an semi-absolute monarchy, where the monarch is head of state and co-head of government. The sovereign is the personification of the State. Mëcklewmburg-Wladir is a hereditary monarchy, having the House of Almeida-Mëcklewmburg-Wladir as the ruling house.

Titles and Styles

Styles of the Grand Ducal Family

  • His/Her Grand Ducal Highness (Grand Duke/Duchess/Prince/Princess)
Grand Duke/Duchess Regnant (Grão-Duque/Duquesa Reinante)
Grand Ducal Prince/Princess (Príncipe/Princesa Grão-Ducal)

List of Monarchs

No. Name Portrait Arms Reign Era
Reign duration
House Title
I Gabriela I
09 April
Present Foundation era
3 years, 2 months, 13 days
House of Almeida-Mëcklewmburg-Wladir Grand Duchess Regnant of Mëcklewmburg-Wladir
First Monarch of Mëcklewmburg-Wladir, as well as the first female to ascend to the throne. She founded Mëcklewmburg-Wladir as a autonomous state of Sildavia, becoming a Grand Duchess alongside the Queen of Sildavia in a diarchy, and later transitioned the country to a monarchy, which is considered to this day one of her great political achievements. She is also the founder of the House of Almeida-Mëcklewmburg-Wladir, the house that governs the homonymous country.


Gabriela, Grand Duchess of Mëcklewmburg-WladirHouse of Almeida-Mëcklewmburg-Wladir

Royal Titles:

Hereditary Grand Duke:

Hereditary Grand Duke of Mëcklewmburg-Wladir (female: Hereditary Grand Duchess) is the title given to the heir and first in line of succession to the throne of Mëcklewmburg-Wladir. The current Hereditary Grand Duke is Hereditary Grand Duke Miguel, Grand Duchess Gabriela's eldest son. The heir to the Mëcklewmburg-Wladirian throne, if first in the line of succession, whether male or female, is automatically referred to as Hereditary Grand Duke/Duchess. However, if the reigning monarch wants to grant other titles to the heir, she will have to do so through a letter patent, and an investiture ceremony is the monarch's choice.

Prince of Mëcklewmburg-Wladir:

Prince of Mëcklewmburg-Wladir (female: Princess of Mëcklewmburg-Wladir), or Mëcklewmburg-Wladirian Prince is a title historically bestowed on members of the grand ducal house of Mëcklewmburg-Wladir, and is also attributed to the consort of the monarch of Mëcklewmburg-Wladir, though this usually bears the title of Prince Consort. A prince of Mëcklewmburg-Wladir usually has the "Grand Ducal Highness" style. Furthermore, the title can be transmitted by female lineage and not exclusively male as in other monarchies.

Nobility in Mëcklewmburg-Wladir

The noble titles are hereditary or not, depending on the concession of the sovereign. Having the style of:

  • His/Her Illustrious Highness (Count)
  • His/Her Lordship (Baron)
Count (Conde) Baron (Barão)

Succession Line:

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