Mohandas, Holy Byzantine Emperor

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Mohandas the Philosopher
His Imperial Majesty
Mohandas in 2020
Holy Byzantine Emperor, King of the Holy Land, Autocrat of the Romans, Shah of Iran & Supreme Ruler of Europe
Reign1 July 2023 – present
PredecessorAdrian I
DeputyConstantine Stefanos
BornSiavash Karim Palaihavani
7 December 1961 (1961-12-07) (age 62)
Tabriz, Imperial State of Iran
SpouseDarya Amini (m. 1978; d. 2018)
IssueCyrus, Heres of Byzantium
Princess Leila
HousePalaihavani (until 2023)
Palaiologos-Bahrami (from 2023)
FatherGholam Reza Pahaihavani
MotherMasumeh Bahramiyeh

Mohandas the Philosopher (Persian: سیاوش کریم پاللایهوانی; born Siavash Karin Palaihavani; born 7 December 1961), is the fifth Holy Byzantine Emperor and Shah of Iran since 2023. He was a philosopher before he was a monarch.


Born in 1961, Siavash was born to a Mazanderani family in Tabriz who were descendants of scholars, calligraphers and carpenters. He was described as “The Engineer” (Mohandas), where his regal name came from.

He studied in Tehran and met Darya Amini, who they would marry and have 2 children with. He was arrested in 1979 after he waved the Pahlavi flag. He would later be released and his charges were dropped.

Siavash was a philosopher who wrote numerous books, his most notable works was “Mountains” in 1989. He would later move to the United Kingdom in 1997.


After the Abdication of Adrian I in 2023, his son Adrian was not eligible for the throne even though he was the Heres of Byzantium so Mohandas took over. He is the only non-Orthodox Emperor in Byzantium as he is a Zoroastrian.

Titles, styles, arms and honours

Titles and Styles

  • 7 December 1961 – 1 July 2023: Siavash Palaihavani-Bahrami
  • 1 July 2023 – present: HIM Holy Byzantine Emperor Mohandas the Philosopher

Full Style

His Imperial Majesty Mohandas the Philosopher, By the Grace of God Fateful Holy Byzantine Emperor and King of the Holy Land, Autocrat of the Romans, Shah of Iran & Greater Iran, Supreme Ruler of Europe, Tsar of Russia and all Rus, Faithful Commander of England, Duke of Bristol, Normandy, Voviode of Grove End and the Holy Roman Emperor.




Foreign honours


House of Palaiologos-Bahrami & the House of Christus
Coat of Arms of House of Palaiolgos-Bahrami