Bahareh, Holy Byzantine Empress

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Saint Bahareh
Emperor Mother

Holy Byzantine Empress
Reign 8 May 2017 - 25 January 2018
Coronation 3 August 2017
Predecessor Constantine XI (1453)
Successor John I
Prime Minister Adrian Christus
Partner Hassan Bahrami (2007-2015)
Adrian I, Holy Byzantine Emperor
Isla, Duchess of New Angevin
House Mehrabi family (until 2017)
House of Christus (2017-2020)
House of Palaiologos-Bahrami (from 2020)
Born 4 July 1985
Tehran,  Iran

Saint Bahareh of the Holy Byzantium Empire (born 4 July 1985), is the first Holy Byzantine Empress from 2017 until her abdication in 2018. She is the Emperor Mother since her son, Adrian I became Holy Byzantine Emperor in August 2020.

House of Palaiologos-Bahrami & the House of Christus
Coat of Arms of House of Palaiolgos-Bahrami