Ministry of Defence (Atlantis)

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Ministry of Defence

Coat of Arms

Established 19 February 1995
Country Republic of Atlantis
Nicknames R.A.A.F.


14 June

Previous Engagements

Second War for Victoria, War of the Forest, Atlantis Civil War
President Alexander Virgili
Minister Ethan I (FRP)
General Information
Headquarters Poseidon
Active personnel 43
Website Official Website

The Ministry of Defence was founded the same day of the Kingdom of Atlantis, now the Republic of Atlantis, the 19 February 1995. In fact, it is the oldest Ministry of the Republic. The Ministry controls the Armed Forces of the Republic: Army, Navy, Air Force and the Atlantis Foreign Legion. The nickname is R.A.A.F. (Republic of Atlantis Armed Forces). The Ministry also controls some department of the M.I.S.A. (Military Intelligence and Security Agency).


The Armed Forces use a single hierarchy for a better control. Let us now see the various units and levels of their commanders. The exact composition of the units varies widely depending on the type of unit and army.

  • Division (Brigadier General) form 80 to 120 soldiers
  • Brigate (Colonel) from 50 to 80 soldiers
  • Regiment (Major) form 30 to 50 soldiers
  • Battalion (Captain) form 20 to 30 soldiers
  • Company from (1st Lieutenant) 10 to 20 soldiers
  • Platoon (Sergeant) from 5 to 10 soldiers
  • Squad (Caporal) from 2 to 4 soldiers


Generals: 11

Staff Officers: 7

Commissioned Officers: 6

Non Commissioned Officers: 2

Enlisted: 17


The Atlantis Army counts 19 units (August 2010). In the 2010 the Council of Ministers decided to create a "Young Army" for all soldiers under the majority age provided by the Republic. The Army defends all territories of the Republic, the Embassies, and the Istitutional offices.


The Atlantis Navy counts 8 units (August 2010).

Air Force


  • Medal of Valor I
  • Medal of Valor II
  • Medal of Valor III
  • Presidential Citation Ribbon

Campaign awards

  • ASSR Campaign Medal
  • Antarctic Expeditionary Force Service
  • War of the Forest Campaign Medal
  • Atlantis Civil War Campaign Medal
  • Peace Missions

Military orders

Service ribbons

  • Distinguished Service
  • Long Service (5 years)
  • Long Service (2 years)
  • Long Service (1 year)
  • Long service in Marines or Special Forces detechment (2 years)
  • Long service in Marines or Special Forces detechment (1 year)
  • Long service in Marines or Special Forces detechment (6 months)


General (Generale)
Lieutenant General (Tenente Generale) Major General (Maggior Generale) Brigadier General (Brigadier Generale)
Senior Officers
Colonel (Colonello) Lieutenant Colonel (Tenente Colonello) Major (Maggiore)
Captain (Capitano) 1st Lieutenant (Tenente) 2nd Lieutenant (Sottotenente)
Non Commissioned Officers
Command Master Sergeant (Sergente Maggiore Capo) Master Sergeant (Sergente Maggiore) Sergeant (Sergente)
Major Sergeant (Caporale Maggiore) Corporal (Caporale) Private First Class (Soldato scelto) Private (Soldato)