Minister of Meritia

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Minister of the Empire of Meritia
Standard of the Minister
Standard of the Minister
Džözyp Trick

since 13 December 2021
StyleMr. Minister (informal) His Excellency (formal)
StatusHead of Government
AppointerPopular vote
Term length6 Months
Constituting instrumentFederal Constitution of the Meritian Empire
Inaugural holderJoseph I
Formation7 September 2021; 2 years ago (2021-09-07)
DeputyDeputy Minister

The Minister of the Empire of Meritia (MOTEOM) is the Head of Government and Head of the Executive Branch of the Empire of Meritia.

The Minister Appoints a Cabinet within the Federal Government and Serves on behalf of the Emperor of Meritia. The Position is Elected by a form of Direct Elections every 6 Months, or on December 12 and June 12 of every year. These have come to be known as the Winter Election and the Summer Election, in regard to the seasons surrounding their occurrences. The current Salary of the Minister is 5,000 Pupa annually, set by law through the State Salary Act of 2022.

The First and Current Minister of Meritia is Džözyp Trick. He was elected on 12 December 2021, and took office the next day. Since this election, he has won every single following election to date, becoming generally known as a very popular political leader in Meritia, nearly undefeatable in any Ministerial Election.

List of ministers

# Portrait Minister
Term of office Political party Deputy Minister
1 Joseph Trick
(born 31 October 2008)
13 December 2021 Incumbent 2 years, 38 days Pars Tolerantia! Conor Newman (until 13 June 2022)
António V (until 13 December 2022)
Mohammed Mahmmoud (from 13 December 2022)