Milo Holland

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The Right Honourable
Milo Holland
Prime Minister of the Principality of Rathunis
Assumed Office
27 August 2011
Monarch Matthew I
Preceeded by N/A
Ambassador-at-large for the Principality of Rathunis
In office
25 July - 27 August 2011
Monarch Matthew I
Preceeded by Position created
Succeeded by Currently Vacant
Aide-de-Camp to the Sovereign of Rathunis
Assumed Office
25 July 2011
Preceeded by First
Secretary-General of the Organisation of Active Micronations
In Office
9 September 2011 - 29 November 2011
Preceded by Sir Gordon Freeman
Succeeded by Charlotte Lindström (Acting)
Personal Details
Born Wollongong, NSW, Australia
Nationality Australian / Rathunisian
Residence Queensland, Australia
Religion Anglican
Website Official Facebook Page

Milo Holland ADC is an Australian small-businessman and the first and current serving Prime Minister of the Principality of Rathunis.

Holland was appointed to the position by H.S.H Matthew I, Sovereign Prince of Rathunis, on 27 August 2011.[1]

Early life

Milo Holland was born in the New South Wales city of Wollongong, the eldest of three brothers.

Holland grew up in the New South Wales Hunter Valley, where he attended catholic primary and secondary schools. He completed year 12 education, obtaining his Higher School Certificate, though elected not to attend university.

During his later high school years, Holland was employed in both the horse racing and fast food industries.

Following the completion of his year 12 schooling, Holland relocated to Queensland.

Business career

Holland commenced his business career as a manager in a retail chain, where he completed three separate management related qualifications concurrently. During this time, Holland also began to take an interest in the world of investment.

In 2010, Holland left his retail career to pursue self employment in the investment industry. He is presently a small-time private investor, known to be involved in derivatives trading and equities investment.

Political Persuasion

Holland is quoted as being an economic conservative, and a believer in the capitalist system.[2] He is known to be a believer in the traditional family, though still support the legalisation of same-sex marriage.[3]

Principality of Rathunis

Holland became aware of micronationalism after reading about Hutt River Province Principality early in 2011. Following a post on the MicroWiki Forum about considering founding his own micronation,[4] Holland was approached by the Sovereign Prince of Rathunis about aiding in the development of that project.

On the date of the founding of Rathunis, Holland was appointed as both Ambassador-at-large for the Principality and Aide-de-camp to the Sovereign Prince.[5] This appointment saw Holland undertake the role of being the main public representative of the Principality.

On 27 August 2011, Holland was promoted to the position of Prime Minister of Rathunis.[6] This position elevated Holland to the Prince's Council of Government, where he now deputises as chair and is the nominal Head of Government.

Holland remains the Sovereign's Aide-de-camp, and is the Principality's representative at both the Organisation of Active Micronations and Tasman-Pacific

Organisation of Active Micronations

Holland was appointed as the delegate for Rathunis upon its admission to the Organisation of Active Micronations.

In this role, Holland was the proposer of OAM Resolution 198, and is presently standing as a candidate for the position of Secretary-General in the September 2011 elections.[7]

Personal life

Outside of his professional and micronational roles, Holland is a keen golfer, equestrian, horse racing enthusiast and racing and sports punter.

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