Mikkelsundian national symbols

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As the National symbols of Mikkelsund is respected the official symbols of Mikkelsundian Laandbedegrijdsvaelersbedegrijd (Flag of LvM, National Seal, Anthem) , but they are many unofficial symbols, like the national flower, tree an many others.


Mikkelsundian Flag (Vlag vi Laandebedegrijdsvaelersbedegrijd vi Mikkelsund) is one of the Mikkelsundian national symbols. Is is a 2- colored banner with tricolour-chevron. The tricolour in chevron represents that Mikkelsund is part of Czech Republic, the Thaegmar Decree, and three words in mikkelsundian motto : honnor, virtue, liberty. The black/blue bicolour represents the traditional flag of Mikkelsundian nation. The second interpretation of chevron is the symbol of Mikkelsundian slavism and the mikkelsundian themeselves-claiming as a part (or tribe) of czech nation with themeself language.


Mikkelsundian flag is mostly used on the uniforms of the soldiers and during the national celebrations. The separatist movement use it without tri-chevron, becaeuse they respect it as the symbol of czech dependence.

National Seal

National seal of Mikkelsund (Genijgende-Wappen vi Laandbedegrijdvaelersbedegrijd vi Mikkelsund) is also taken as its emblem. There is an Saetende Gryphon i the centre of the seal and the Mann Tree branches. The Saetende Gryphon or Gryphon vi Salamon (Sitting Gryphon, Solomons Gryphon) is not truly gryphon, but only winged lion, but saetende gryphon is live-established name. It is the mythical animal from the Solomons thorne and it may symbolize wisedom,the sword in his hands symbolizing the througness and determination of mikkelsundian people. Interesting is that the animal wore amfdorid, the national head-cover. Mann Tree is The legendary tree from which according to the mikkelsundian legend of the penetration of the world was created all life.

National Anthem

Det Lijd van Wappendegrijds

Det Lijd van Wappendegrijds,
det skaaner van nath gebenmieg,
wenn det wappens trijgt gewittyyp hands,
wenn geben hyykt getyyrnt an det ritt!


Gebenmieg van laand was gewritt
an det listen vi Taalerlaan,
vi naß getyymid avterdyyg,
hat vorstaagen van naß wijktmieg hands.

Vats je lijkst Mikkelsundikken gefael,
gesahnende wit de nath,
wat Saagmar de groet hat gesahnst,
wi'm hav at gesahnende ahn.

The Song of Wappendegrijds

The song of Wappendegrijds,
the spirit of our past times,
when the weapons lie in our hands,
when they were triumphantly held!


The past times of our Laand is writen
on the coils of Taalerlaan,
and our future and happiness,
arise from our hands.

When you are feeling like a Mikkelsundian,
lets sing with us,
what sing Saagmar the Great,
we sing it the same.

Unofficial Symbols

Role Picture Name Name in Mikkelsundian
National Flower Snowdrop Wenterwitt
National Drink Wittpyynt Wittpyynt
National Hero Saagmar the Great Saagmar de Groet
National writing system Old write Eldgewritt
National Colours Blue/Black Blaw/Naare
National Meal Taepetrijg Soap taepetrijg