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Armed forces of the Laandbedegrijdvaelersbedegrijd vi Mikkelsund
Gewappende Fjerlden vi Laandbedegrijdsvaelersbedegrijd v Mikkelsund
Banner of the Armed forces with Forrelijn
FoundedApril 7th. 1618
Current formFebruary 5th 1991
HeadquartersMikkelsund, Westersaeten in Baegnaw, Estersaeten in Baegnaw, Polánka
LaandbedegrijdvaelerWielde Saagmar Springlyybid
President of NOGSEwald Thiene
Chief of General StaffGefjerldsmarsaal Joaness Nowak
Military ageif recognized as adult (by Taalerlaan) (min. 14 yr)
Domestic suppliersGefjerldwaeren a. koop amforids
Foreign suppliersTonak Nasavrky a.s field hats
Otavan Třeboň uniforms
Heckler u. Koch gmbh weapon designs
Annual importsCzech Republic, Germany

As Gewappende Fjerlden vi Laandbedegrijdsvaelersbedegrijd v Mikkelsund, or simply Gefjerld is known the armed forces of Mikkelsund.This is a symbolical organisation with a very little base of members, but with equipment comparable with many developing countries. They do not have full, but only training weapons, but its other equipment is equal to the less- developement country.In the peace, majority of armed forces is not active. In consist of Laandgefjerld (land forces), Flyjggefjerld (air forces), Gefjerldsmarine (maritime forces) and Taalerlaaners (Gendamerie). During the peace is mobilised only Taalerlaaners, Hilvwijk (helping-work troops), civic and technical support. The armed forces are established and operated by the National Organisation for Defence and Security (Nasjoanael-organisation vor gefjerld vi sekkuritat), wich act as the Ministry of Defence.


Their primary goal is to protect Mikkelsund and all of the people claiming to be Mikklesundian. Secondary goal is to symbolize and representate the Mikkelsundian people. Their other responsibilities are to observe the water level in Kaergen river ( because of floods), helping czech army during the military or civil actions, protect mikkelsundian borders and VIPs, nature and take the care of the buildings assigned to them by the administration.

Components of the Army

military structure of mikkelsundian armed forces

Mikkelsundian armed forces is divided into the Army, Air and Maritime forces and Gendamerie.

Laandgefjerld (Land Forces)

Proposal mikkelsundian cavalry uniform.

The most inportant component of the army is naturally land armed forces. They are divided into simply infantry (Infanterie),special forces and Hilvwijk, engineer and helping forces. Proposal are Artillery, Parachute, AA, tanks and cavalary corps. Their main primary weapon is G3 rifle. They are equiped with czech vz. 92 work uniforms, vz 85 field hats, amforids and some civil equipement. Main fortifications is called Mayhaven, Saagmarskamp and Wallenhyykt. Service in the ground forces is required from 14 days (basic training, armed forces) to 6 months (civil services, hilvwijk). Mikkelsundian men can join it in their 14 years (hilwvijk) and 17 years (armed forces), they can elect it. After ending of service they were recognizesd as fully adult. An exception is made for women and handicapped.

Inreresting units

  • Hilvwijk, or simply Hiwi ( from czech pomocné práce - mikkelsundian : Hilvwijks) are mikkelsundian engineering troops. They can repair or build strategic communication, repair military arsenal or buildings or help people during the natural disasters. The people younger than 17 years can join it, bacause they are not armed and they are not icluding in the battle. Than can be mobilized during the peace-time. The soldier of Hilwvijk is called Hilvwijker.
  • Spaederstbattagl (from czech rychle v bitvě - Mikkelsundian Spaederst in Battagl) are mikkelsundian special fast reaction units. Most of mikkelsundian spec-ops is in this unit.

Flyjggefjerld (Air Forces)

proposal Mikkelsundian air force roundel

Air forces of mikkelsund are mostly proposal. They will be professional. The monitoring of Mikelsundian airspace is task of Taalerlaaners, Infantry and as a part of them claimed land the Czech air forces is here. The czech planes can fly over Mikkelsund without a problem, but they are mostly monitored.

Gefjerldsmarine (Marines)

Mikkelsundian maritime forces monitoring the border river in Kaergen, allow its navigability for civil transport and defending it as a border of the land. Also they are monitoring navigable lakes in Mikkelsund. The main base is in Fort Saagmarskammp.Mikkelsund actually have one seaworthy exploration raft, mostly usedd for maritime training and measurement of the bottom of the lakes.

Mikkelsundian vessels

MKK Marco Polo II (before Kaergen II upgrade)
ID Code Name Type
MKV 01/001 MKK Marco Polo Manual exploration raft
Marco polo class
MKV 02/002, MKK Marco Polo II Manual exploration raft
Kaergen I class
MKV 03/002, MKK Marco Polo II Manual exploration raft
Kaergen II class

Taalerlaaners (gendamerie)

An Upper Mikkelsundian taalerlaaner on the military training with the MP5 gun.

Taalerlaaners is de facto the police of the state. It has two parts: Upper Mikkelsundian (Yypernmikkelsundikken Taalerlaaners) and Lower Mikkelsundian (Četnictvo v Horním Mikkelsundu). They are de facto (except military trainings) only mobilized armed force in the state. Tey are equiped same as the army. Upper Mikkelsundian taalerlaaners is equiped with czech vz. 92 work uniforms and its main waepon is MP5 SMG. Lower mikkelsundians are equiped with Vz.95 and Vz. 60 czech military uniforms and they are armed with czech vz. 61 Scorpion SMGs.

Hyygthyyrns (patrols) of Taalerlaaners

  • Grijndhyygthyyrn: Land Patrol
  • Lijnehyygthyyrn: Border Patrol

Equipement, Ranks, Symbols

det narkammende krijger vi Mikkelsundikken Gewappende Fjerlden lijkst vatsing, gewityyp het allahn narkammende vealer ensaetende hiar, wat iv gehav at het allahn and all vaelersaeten at gelijstende, geben wit dem anlyyth vi lijv van am 'allahn mikkelsundikken vetterlaand, mikkelsundikken allahngehilvst, mikkelsundikken bevel vi alle wittgegrijdende bevel at geskieldende, haag at nijn-wraantaalende bevel iv nijn geben at getakkende and geben vordyygende gewityyp Taalerlaan, Mikkelsundikken and Tsaegelander taalerlaans, Deklaration vi bevelritten and all Genever-Konventions.
Van wat geben iv all gefjerldstaalerlaans, wappens vi militartechnikke goed envaelende, saetende fjerld at geben rational-vormiegende mann vi nijn kalterliegid wittyypvormiegende animmel.
Lijkst vatsing mann, saetende in frijgmitt vi gewittyyp het allahn genaav vi vormiegst,

jako budoucí příslušník Mikkelsundských Ozbrojených Sil, před svými budoucími veliteli zde přísahám, že budu plnit příkazy jich a všech velitelů a s nasazením života mou mikkelsundskou vlast, mikkelsundskou společnost, všechny mikkelsunďany a všechen spřízněný lid chránit, neublížím nevinným a budu se chovat dle Taalerlaanu, zákonů mikkelsundských i českých, deklarace práv člověka a občana a všech Ženevských konvencí.
I když se budu snažit všechny předpisy ozbrojených sil, zbraně a vojenskou techniku dokonale ovládat, budu se také snažit být racionálně přemýšlejícím člověkem a ne chladnokrevným nepřemýšlejícím zvířetem.
Jako člověk svobodný a podle svého nejlepšího vědomí a svědomí,

— Military Oath of Mikkelsundian Gefjerld


Mikkelsundians are equiped only with training and cold weapons, but they have other equipement similar as small army level. Major suppliers are from Czech Republic. Mikkelsundian army uses vz. 92 camo, remarked as mk. 11 (feldwaeren mk. 11 - field dress, est.2011), mk. 95 amforids and czech vz. 85 field hats. This camouflage is also resistant against night-vision.[1] Mikkelsundian army is equiped with mk. 95 winter and summer military boots. Winter version comes from Czechoslovakia, summer version is licensed WWII french type. As a main battle rifle is used G53A1 german assault rifle. Old primary weapon - german submachinegun MP5 was sent to constabulary. As a secondary weapon there are knives and other cold armament. Mikkelsundian standart battle airsoft grenade is mk. 12 arrenrijn (literally iron rain).