Mikkelsundian cuisine

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Mikkelsundian cuisine (Mikkelsundian: Mikkelsundiken reegesijten) is the style of meal in Mikkelsund. It is very influenced by the wheather and nature in Mikkelsund. Main ingrediencies are mushrooms, sweet weeds, vegetable, temperate fruits, meat and dairy products. Because Mikkelsund is pastoral land, the beef is main meat in Mikkelsund. Cuisine of Mikkelsund is very influenced by czech cuisine.

Haetebraed, typical Mikkelsundian modern food.

Typical Meal

Soap or Sauce (Taepetrijg)

The Taepetrijg (made on a pelvis) is typical mikkelsundian soup made on the pan. First, you can melt the butter in a pan and put the ingrediencies in. Imagination has no limits, but traditional mikkelsundian style said, that you must give there minimally piece of meat and minimally piece of vegetable or mushrooms. After that, you can carefuly pour the quantiuty of water into the pan,salt, spice and thicken it by a little spoon of flour. After that is good to let it warm and it can be served. It is similar to german eintopf.

Kinds of taepetrijg

  • Raet Taepetrijg wit Lettaege (tomatoes, paprikas, poached egg) - Popular in Laand vi Mayhaven or in Mikkelsund
  • Gjern Taepetrijg wit Paare, Brammboren and Naarebijvernijle (onion, leek, potatoes, smoked beef round) - Popular in pastures of Mikkelsund, Karlwaag and Karlaaven.
  • Fost Taepetrijg wit Allewtwȃppen (onion,Chanterelle mushrooms, variable meat) - Popular in forested lands of Baaren and ,,central axis"

Typical breakfast or dinner (Haetebread)

The Haetebraed (hot bread) is not trully a bread. It is the fast-to-cook breakfast modern meal, that is often made in microwave. It includes rolls, cheese, tomatoes, ham and ketchup.

Typical drink

Raet Wittpyynt

Wittpyynt geben det svaente blig vi Mikkelsundikken.

Wittpyynt ist de svaenten bligg vi Mikkelsundikken. - The Wittpyynt is a second blood of Mikkelsundian.

— mikkelsundian proverb
Raet wittpyynt

Raet wittpyynt (literally Red Currant) is typical Mikkelsundian wine- like soft alcoholic fermented drink. It is made from the specifical mixture of ingrednents- fruit and herbs (mint). Raet wittpyynt is one of the symbols of Mikkelsund.

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