Micronationalists for Bernie Sanders

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Micronationalists for Bernie Sanders (MBS)
Official logo
Bernie's the best!
Headquarters None

Membership 5

Establishment 17 November 2015

Micronations for Bernie Sanders (MBS) was a nonprofit, symbolic intermicronational organisation devoted to promoting and emphasizing support for Bernie Sanders' campaign in the 2016 American Presidential Elections.


The MBS was founded when Archmidias d'Archmid, Ned Gunderson and Patrick I, were discussing Bernie Sanders. Archmidias then thought of the idea of an organisation to micronationally promote Bernie Sanders. Gunderson made it come to fruition, designing a logo and officially founding the organisation and creating its page on MicroWiki. Archmidias helped and supported during this process. It was originally called Micronations for Bernie Sanders, and had member states instead of individuals. However, this was changed on the day it was founded.

The organisation has no meetings, and like the UAMW, people must only put their name on the list of members to become one, and no meetings are held. It was purely symbolic.

It was discontinued on the first day of its existence, due to Michael Onff's comments on the decaying of the content of the Micronation.org Forums. Gunderson discontinued it due to this. However, it can be speculated that the former members of the MBS still support Bernie Sanders. However, it was not related enough to micronationalism to be discussed at length in official venues.


Name Micronation Political Party Macronation Join Date
Archmidias d'Archmid  Commonwealth of Archmidian Royalist Party of Archmidian  United States 17 Nov 2015
Patrick Renwick  Empire of Paravia n/a  w:Norway 17 Nov 2015
Rainbow Gordon Bennett  Federal Republic of Whestcorea Different Party of Whestcorea  United Kingdom 18 Nov 2015