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Hats off, strangers!

WARNING: Kangaroo is not included.

As you've already guessed, this is the surprise I was talking about days ago. Me and the other admins believe that now that Ptrcancer has said he'll leave the community, and since I personally believe that what happened regarding his micronational persona could lead to some discussions also regarding our policy, it is best for the Wiki that we elect a new administrator before the beginning of September.

Before the nominations, here's something I found righteous to clarify to you all:

  1. When nominating someone, or nominating yourself, for "Adminship", you have to consider that being an Admin is not a fun or enjoyable experience, at all. You have to start concentrating on other people's articles than your own, and most importantly, you become a representative of the Wiki and as such, you need to adopt a professional, yet always friendly, attitude. It sounds easy but it's not.
  2. When voting for a new administrator, never choose someone because "they're nice to you". Get a critical judgement of who you're choosing, check its contributions, have a look at its pages and see if he could become a good admin.

Now, for all those who are interested in becoming admins, I'd like to start by thanking you very much for expressing interest in becoming one here on MicroWiki. Admins play a crucial role in making the Wiki successful and preventing it in becoming a "strip club" so it is great to see you decide to commit to becoming one.

There are however, a few points to consider:

  • An Admin is:
    • A public figure that represents MicroWiki - What you do in your micronation, if you have one, is not important when you join the MicroWiki staff.
    • A person that works mainly for the Wiki - The other articles of the Wiki become as important as your own articles.
    • A person that works with the other Admins - A sysop (other name for calling an Admin) never works by himself, he must work with the other sysops in order to get a result that is good for everyone. It's like being part of... a wolfpack.
    • An unbiased figure - Your friend, ally, or whatever, is at the same level of someone who's been a nuisance for weeks. If they do a mistake, they must be punished too.
  • An Admin is not:
    • A clown - Joking sometimes is good, but you're not here for a stand up comedy or a striptease.
    • A Nazi German officer - Before taking any measure against a user, or a page, discuss, find an agreement if possible.
    • Robert Lethler - 'nuff said.

Also, it's obvious that there is a strict policy on Administrators: if a mistake is made, there's no "please let me have a second chance". It sounds horrible, I know, but it's part of the job.

So yeah, we're looking for a serious and known user, who has good knowledge of the current MicroWiki articles formatting guide and deletion policy (which however we'll develop in the incoming weeks), who has been around for a while and who is able to donate a bit of his spare time for the good of the wiki. The job is boring most of the times, it involves checking, categorizing, moving and deleting, and is not paid (sorry for that one).

If you wish to nominate yourself, and you're aware of the responsibilities an Administrator has, put your signature below, using four tildes (~~~~). Nominations have ended on August 17 and voting has started. Basically, if everything goes well, we should have a new administrator by August 24.

Good luck to you all, and may the best user win!

Nominations (Closed on Aug 17)


Voting is very simple, just sign under the user you'd like to vote for, with the four tildes (~~~~). You can only vote once, and no, people cannot vote for themselves. :] Also, no private ballor or stuff like that.

Voting should have started tomorrow morning, but since everything here is ready.. I'll open it now. As a consequence, voting will now close on August 24, at 23.59.59. Remember: do not vote for the pal, or for the ally, but for user who you think can give a hand.


User:cplandashir (See his campaign statement here)


User:Secundomia(Read his Campaign Statement)

User:A-One (Campaign statement)


User:Kyng Fyrst