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The Mirolian Times MicroLeague
The Mirolian Times MicroLeague.png
Sport Basketball
Founded 2012
Motto TBA
No. of teams 8
Countries Ashukovo flag.png Ashukovo (7 teams)
Hasanistan.png Hasanistan (1 team)
Most recent
Ashukovo flag.png Mouzilo Eagles
(1st title)
Most titles Ashukovo flag.png BC Spartak
Ashukovo flag.png Mouzilo Eagles(1 title each)
TV partner(s) UBC
Website MicroLeague

MicroLeague (also known as ML, due to its initials) was the most important micronational basketball club competition and it's the one that defined the World Champion in this sport, before being replaced by AshuLeague. It was organized by the Micronational Basketball Federation, even though it used to be fully autonomous. Due to the fact that the tournament before dissolution was still on early stages, the competing teams did not have to belong to federations that are members of MBF. In addition, the number of participants varied from season to season due to the lack of stable qualification rules and national competitions.

Formerly known as the Visit Mouzilo MicroLeague, it came to be known as the Mirolian Times MicroLeague due to sponsorship reasons in the 2013-14 season. Also, the broadcasting sponsor before dissolution was UBC.

Mouzilo Eagles of Mouzilo were the last champions.


MicroLeague began as idea of several micronationalists interested to basketball, mostly Hasan Çakar, Edward Jacobs and Emmanuel Tsompanoglou, in 2012. In a short amount of time, several other micronational teams showed interest for the tournament and soon the first MicroLeague season took place. The leading members agreed that the sponsor would be the Mouzeliot Ministry of Tourism (Visit Mouzilo) and that the Final Four would be held in the City of Mouzilo, in Mouzilo, and so it was done. In this first season, 7 teams from 6 micronations were approved to participate, from which just 6 teams competed as Sportlich Bernadette from Cärrum did not play any game for unknown, so far, reasons. Also, this was the only season in which one nation had an extra team (Mouzilo participated with Arion and Eagles) and one of the teams participated in a macronational league as well as MicroLeague (Arion participated in ESKA Youth League B of Greece as well as the MicroLeague). The winner of this first season was BC Spartak from Akharnes.

On October 19, 2013, preparations for a second season began, proving that the competition would continue being played. On October 20, MicroLeague signed a sponsorship deal with "The Mirolian Times" website from Akharnes, making MT the main sponsor of MicroLeague. Also, MicroLeague renewed the contract with the Mouzeliot MoT and signed a new one with UBC. Due to sponsorship and promotion reasons, the tournament got named after the main sponsor.

In the 2014-15 season, following a decision that had already been taken during the 2013-14 season, the tournament became the national basketball league of Ashukovo. The reason for that was the realization that most of the teams of the tournament were based in or associated with Ashukovo, while only 3 out of 12 teams were from other countries. The tournament was renamed to AshuLeague and inaugurated with the 2014-15 season.

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Year Final Third and fourth place
Champion Score Second place Third Place Fourth Place
Ashukovo flag.png
BC Spartak
Vetria City B.C.
Flag of Greece.pngMouziloFlag.png
Arion SC
Ashukovo flag.png
Mouzilo Eagles
69-66 Ashukovo flag.png
BC Spartak
Ashukovo flag.png
KAV Basketball