MicroLeague 2012-2013

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MicroLeague 2012-13
League MicroLeague
Sport Basketball
Duration 2012-2013
Final Four
Champion Akharnes flag.png BC Spartak
Runners-up Vetriaflagdesign1.png Vetria City B.C.
Semi Finalists MouziloFlag.pngFlag of Greece.png Arion SC
Hasanistan.png Dynamo
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The Visit Mouzilo MicroLeague Basketball season of 2012-2013, more commonly referred to as MicroLeague 2012-2013, was the first season of MicroLeague Basketball competition. It was sponsored by the Mouzeliot Ministry of Tourism, under the brand name "Visit Mouzilo" (Stylized as "Visit MOUZILO"). The Mouzeliot MoT was also the sole sponsor of the tournament. It was also the only competition so far to have just one sponsor. The MicrolLeague of the 2012-2013 season was the only MicroLeague competition not under MBF.

The Final Four was held in the City of Mouzilo, with BC Spartak from Akharnes winning the trophy and Vetria City B.C, Arion SC and Dynamo Hasanistan finishing as 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectively.


  • Hasanistan.png Dynamo (Republic of Hasanistan)
  • SpartakJoltovolkLogo.png BC Spartak (Akharnes)
  • Mouzeliot Eagles.png Mouzeliot Eagles Basketball (Mouzilo)
  • Noflag.png Sportlich Bernadette (Cärrum) [Note 1]
  • Logo big.png Arion B.C. 1928 (Mouzilo)
  • Noflag.png Vetria City B.C. (Vetria)
  • RedLions.jpgRed Lions (Lyonesse)

[Note 1]: Even though MicoLeague accepted Sportlish Bernadette's participation to the tournament, the team did not compete.

2013 Season

Group Stage

Team Win Loss
Akharnes flag.png BC Spartak 7 1
Vetriaflagdesign1.png Vetria City B.C 5 3
Hasanistan.png Dynamo Hasanistan 5 3
Flag of Greece.png/MouziloFlag.png Arion SC 4 4
Lyonesse.jpg Lyonesse Red Lions 1 7
MouziloFlag.png Mouzilo Eagles 1 7

Final Four

Team 1 Aggregate Team 2
Akharnes flag.png BC Spartak 3-0 Dynamo Hasanistan Hasanistan.png
Vetriaflagdesign1.png Vetria City B.C 3-2 Arion SC Flag of Greece.pngMouziloFlag.png

Grand Final

Team 1 Score Team 2
Akharnes flag.png BC Spartak 82-71 Vetria City B.C Vetriaflagdesign1.png
Preceded by: Champion of MicroLeague Succeded by: Akharnes flag.png
None 2012-13 champion
Akharnes flag.png BC Spartak
Ashukovo flag.png Mouzilo Eagles

Final Classification

Pos. Team
1 Akharnes flag.png BC Spartak
2 Vetriaflagdesign1.png Vetria City B.C
3 Hasanistan.png Dynamo Hasanistan
3 Flag of Greece.pngMouziloFlag.png Arion SC