AshuLeague 2014-2015

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AshuLeague 2014-15
League AshuLeague
Sport Basketball
Duration 19 September 2014

June 2015

Number of games TBD
Number of teams TBD
TV partner(s) abcTWO
Regular season
Champion Group A TBA
Champion Group B TBA
AshuLeague Finals
Champions TBD
Runners-up TBD
AshuLeague Basketball seasons
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The 2014–15 AshuLeague will be the 1st season of the first top-level Ashukov national basketball league. Including the competition's previous incarnation as the MicroLeague, this will be the 3rd season of the premier competition for micronational basketball clubs which defines not only the Ashukov, but also the World Champion. The regular season will begin on 19 September 2014 with the defending champions, Mouzilo Eagles, hosting the first game. This season will also feature for the very first time an All-Star Game between the best players of Groups A and B in January 2015.

The Finals will take place in Mladorossija in June 2015.


The 2014-15 season will feature 9 teams from the previous MicroLeague season which may or may not have changed name and/or location. These teams are: Agiopolis Caps (former KAV), ASVIS (former Dynamo Džoltovolk), Athinaicos Eagles (former Mouzilo Eagles), Dynamo Hasanistan, BC Finghall IUM, UofA Lions, Akebar Roosters (former BC Akebar) and Spartak Mladorossija (former Spartak Džoltovolk). In addition, 3 more teams joined, those being Džoltovolk Eagles from Akharnes, BC Montania from Montania and Vesna BC from Aetos, making the total number of teams 12; 9 from Ashukovo, 2 from Wensleydale and 1 from Hasanistan.