Mayor-President of Roscam

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Mayor-President of the City-Region of Roscam
Flag of Roscam
Falcone de Los Santos

since 3 January 2023
Municipal Government of Roscam
StyleHis Excellency
StatusHead of Municipal-Regional Government
Member ofRoscam City Council
NominatorRoscam City Council
AppointerAdministrator of Roscam
Term lengthSix months
PrecursorMayor of Roscam
Inaugural holderJano de Los Santos
Unofficial namesMayor of Roscam
DeputyAny member of the City Council designated by the Mayor-President at the time

The Mayor-President of the City-Region of Roscam is the chairman of the municipal-regional government of Roscam, a chartered city and region of Greater Roscam province, which is the de facto capital city of the Roscami Federation.

The Mayor-President is the officer responsible for the execution of the polices of the City Council, which exercises legislative and executive power at the muncipal level. As well as being head of the executive committee of the Council, he is also presiding officer due to his role as Mayor, which in Roscamistan, is modeled off of the Irish system by which the office is a weak presiding officer of a city/county council.