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Flag of Mathenia
Coat of arms of Mathenia
Coat of arms
CapitalGreat Waltham
Official languagesEnglish
• Supreme Leader
M Shoults
• Chancellor
M Saunders
CurrencyMathenian Ruble
Time zoneGMT
Drives on theleft

Mathenia is a micronation founded in 2016. By M Shoults


Mathenia was declared independent in 2016 When M Shoults signed the declaration of independence On 7 June 2018 Mathenia applied for membership in the Grand Unified Micronational. It has been accepted and Mathenia is a full member.

Ministry Establishment Act

On 20 June 2018 the Ministry Establishment Act was signed to reshuffle the government by removing some of the unnecessarily bloated, pointless bureaucratic government organisations.

The previous ministries where:

  • Ministry of War - Responsible for the protection of Mathenia
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Responsible for diplomatic relations with other nations
  • Ministry of Culture - In charge of maintaining the national identity and running the state media outlets.
  • Ministry of Agriculture - Responsible for the production and selling of food and agricultural products.

The act stated that:

  • All of the existing Ministries where to be disbanded and all current ministers shall keep there jobs if it is recreated
  • A ministry was to be subdivided into departments
  • Ministries and departments are purely advisory

The ministries created where:

Government and Politics

Mathenia is a dictatorship. There is a chancellor who is directly chosen by the Supreme Leader and is only removed from power when the Supreme Leader judges him unfit to hold the position.


  • Ministry of Internal Affairs - responsible for the maintenance of public order through policing etc. It shall also be responsible for the management of emergencies, customs and passports
    • Department of Culture - responsible for the preservation and the promotion of Mathenian culture. It also runs the People's Informer
    • Department of Education and Public Information - The department of Education and Public Information shall be responsible for the creation and maintenance of education centres and the distribution of Public Information. Public Information is defined as propaganda and the attraction of more citizens.
  • Ministry of Foreign affairs - responsible for the states diplomacy
  • Ministry of Defence - responsible for the defence of Mathenia and the administration of the Branches of the armed forces.
    • department of Intelligence - responsible for the collection and use of data to protect the realm from threats both foreign and domestic.
  • Ministry of Economy - responsible for the overseeing and promotion of a powerful Mathenian economy. Also the printing of Money.


Mathenia has two Imperial Protectorates: The Imperial Protectorate of Newlands Spring that was set up to control resistance in the resistance heavy area of Newlands Spring. A protectorate was created in great leighs in late june 2018.

Flag Protectorate Name Foundation Governor
IPNS.jpg Newlands Spring 8 June 2018 None presently
IPGL.jpg Great Leighs 29 June 2018 A Sellen


1 Mathenian Ruble

The Mathenian economy is mostly based on agriculture and small exports. It's currency is the Mathenian Ruble(MR). The Mathenian ruble is a fiat currency that currently exists in 1, 2 and 5 MR denominations. The value of the MR is currently pegged to 0.5GBP.

Foreign Relations

Mathenia is an ally of the People's Republic of Broads Green. And an enemy of Katisland


Mathenia has a pending application to join the Grand Unified Micronational.


The Imperial Mathenian Armed forces currently has two branches (an army and a navy) and a planned air force



Mathenia has it's own state newspaper: The Mathenian People's Informer



Mathenia has one official language: English.