Mathenia - Katisland War

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Mathenian - Katisland war
Date16 April 2018 - Ongoing
Mathenia and the Surrounding Area
Status Ongoing
PRO Broads Green
Commanders and leaders
M Shoults
M Saunders
J Paterson
I Cope
>30 <10

On the 16th of April 2018 The former Chancellor (Mr I Cope) decided to break away from Mathenia and start his own nation after mishearing the Supreme Leader speaking to the to be Chancellor. The Mathenian Government thus sent an ultimatum to the rebels. It stated that they must surrender or the Mathenians declare war on them. The Ultimatum was declined and Mathenia declared war on Katisland(as it was to be called) The People's Republic of Broads Green was called into the war but as of yet has not done anything to help the war efforts. Mathenia's membership slowly increased throughout the war with many rebels being taken back into Mathenia. Cope had to bribe people to get them to stay.

War Crimes

On the 8th of June 2018 Isaac falsely surrendered to the Imperial Mathenian Armed Forces and signed the Treaty of Chelmer. He was given his former position as minister of war back and Katisland was annexed. However as Cope was only half leader of Katisland he used the excuse afterwards that the other leader did not also sign the peace treaty. False surrender It is a war crime under Protocol I of the Geneva Convention.