Manu Rani

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Manu Rani
Dracul Senator from South Dracul
In office
25 January 2019 - 2 April 2021
Predecessor Seat established
Successor Seat vacant
Personal information
Born 4 February 1987 (1987-02-04) (age 36)
Citizenship  w:India
 Commonwealth of Dracul
Residence Patiala City, Punjab, India
Religion Hindu

Manu Rani was a Senator for South Dracul, in the Commonwealth of Dracul.

Rani joined the Commonwealth of Dracul, to become a part of a well growing established micronation, as well as render her services to the community.

Early life

Manu Rani was born on 4 February 1987 in the City of Patiala, as the second child to the parents of Kumar Inder and Pushpa. Rani successfully graduated in 2007 with her Bachelor of Arts, then again in 2008, gaining her Master of Arts at Punjabi University.

Micronational career

Rani began her micronation interest, after searching through Google articles relating to such activities. Rani eventually began her career in news reporting before swearing in as a South Dracul State Senator.

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