Mangal-Meijingi War

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Mangal-Meijingi War
DateDecember 1–3 2014

Mangal victory


Toshiko's empire

Flag of Meijing 2014.png Meijing
Flag of Shurigawa.png Meijing loyalists
Commanders and leaders
Flag of Shurigawa.pngFlag of Mangals.png Toshiko
Flag of Mangals.png Asger Han
Flag of Mangals.png Noyan Hasan
Flag of Meijing 2014.png Liu-kuang
Flag of Shurigawa.png Pro-Yukie government

The Mangal-Meijingi War (also known as the Three Day War) was a war over Shurigawa's crown between Toshiko's realms and the pro-Meijing empress Shō Yukie (supported by Liu-kuang and his kingdom of Meijing). Shurigawa was ruled by the oppressive Shō Yukie but was ousted by Toshiko, which forced Meijing to declare war on Toshiko to defend Shō Yukie. However Toshiko also ruled over the nomads of Mangalistan, bringing the feared Mangal warriors into the war. Fearing a defeat to then nomads, both Liu-kuang (king of Meijing) and Shō Yukie surrendered to Toshiko, allowing him to rule Shurigawa. However, Toshiko abdicated the throne of Mangalistan a day after the war, giving it to Asger Han and then later abdicated from Shurigawa's throne in February 2015. Liu-kuang was deeply embarrassed by the defeat and stepped down as king of Meijing.