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Magnushalden is the capital city of The Principality of Urania, and is enclaved on all sides by the British county of Surrey. It is the capital city of Urania, and home to Ives Palace and Nightingale Hall.


Magnushalden is named after German sexologist Magnus Hirschfeld, and out of respect, is named using German toponymy. Halden, or halde, is German for "hill-side", and reflects the location of the city. Citizens of Magnushalden are Magnushaldeners.


An aerial map of the City of Magnushalden

The city was founded by Royal Decree on the 24th March 2019 by Princess George I of Urania, to reflect the high density of LGBT people that used the area, its personal use by the Princess, and the importance of the area to the Uranian Government.

Notable Locations

The city is home to Ives Palace, the seat of the Uranian Government and Princess George I, as well as Nightingale Hall, the future home of the Princess.