George Wright-Duffy Lawrence

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George Wright-Duffy Lawrence (née George Joseph Benjamin Wright-Duffy Lawrence) is

As well as the Princess of the

Early life

The Princess was born in few months prior to the Millennium Celebrations, the first child born uniting two families of Celtic Freemasons and Spanish colonial explorers. Shortly after citing "the state of London" as the reason for the relocation. The Princess remembered it fondly in a comedy routine;

"I can remember being roughly 4 years old when we decided to move out of our house in Barking to Thurrock. I remember my mother, when asked why we were moving, explaining to me that "London [wasn't] a very nice place". Perhaps it was 12 years later when I was walking up my local high street, which was piss-soaked, blood splattered, and cordoned off in one corner as police investigated a shotgun-execution murder scene, that I began to ask myself whether the "not very nice place" was following me"

At his mother's instructions, .

Academically, the Princess proved to be incredibly quick, and went on to achieve significant academic success at every stage of her studies, eventually attaining a university place to study English Law. The Princess lists it among her regrets that she chose to refuse to apply for a place at Cambridge University with his results, with which she had fallen in love with 3 years prior, because of "never quite being sure of how different things might have been".

== Homosexuality & Activism == later realised she was gay and came out shortly before her 13th birthday. At the time, this acted as a significant social benefit, and the Princess, a charismatic negotiator, used it to great social success with her peers.

An activist for LGBT+ Rights as a consequence of this, the Princess wrote to political figures for their support on the 2014 Same-Sex Marriage Act in the UK, and later went on to fundraise for charities such as AllOut, and promoting the plight of the LGBT+ in Chechnya. By the age of 18, the Princess had been elected to the

In 2016, the Princess authored, had reviewed, and published a paper titled which examined the statistical legal disadvantages that LGBT+ people suffered. The conclusion of this paper was the necessity of the establishment of an LGBT State, originally called

In December 2018, following the discovery of the dissolution of the Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands, , declaring himself to be of the new LGBT state. In homage to drag culture, the Princess took female pronouns to honour the cultural history of the LGBT+ Community.

Honours, Styles, and Titles