Liberal Democratic Party (Altavia)

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Party LeaderLukas Nörvu
Founded20 January 2020
IdeologyAnarcho-Communism, Green Politics, Democracy
Political positionCentre-left to Left Wing
Official colors
  •      Orange
6 / 10

The Liberal Democratic Party, commonly abbreviated as LibDems or LDP, but more commonly (yet unofficially) known as the Altavian Social Union, is biggest political party in Altavia. The ASU (then ALP) was the largest party at the election in January 2020, and managed to secure 4/10 seats in parliament, but after the refounding of Altavia, was given all 10 seats in the Parliament, including the Chancellor, but gave 3 to Fred, Jord och Bröd when they were founded, and one to the Independents.


Et Sur!'s ideals are Syndicalist Democracy, Environmental Protection, a Worker-Centered Economy, and people-state equality.

Notable members

  • Lukas Nörvu, First Chancellor of Altavia