Legislative Citations Act

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Legislative Citations Act
First page of the act
First page of the act
Created 29 March 2019
Approved by Emperor on 5 April 2019
Approved by Emperor at Google Docs
Emperor that approved Emperor A. Dillman
Amended by N/A
Purpose To establish a citation system for referencing of legislation.


The name "Legislative Citations Act" was chosen because it pertained to the legislative branch of the government, and it was creating a citation system.


As always, the act begins with the Emperors Introduction.

The first article talks about creating the citation system, what it is named, and what it can be referred to as.

The second article talks about the actual citation system itself.


The citation system was inspired heavily by the Democratic Union of British States citation system. While the idea to have an citations-related act was solely by the writer of the Act, the content was very much inspired by the Democratic Union system.