Executive Order 1 (Arkonia)

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Executive Order 1
First page of the act
First page of the act
Created 1 April 2019
Approved by Emperor on 1 April 2019
Approved by Emperor at Google Docs
Emperor that approved Emperor A. Dillman
Amended by N/A
Purpose To establish rulers(heads of state) for the Kingdoms within the nation.

Executive Order 1, officially Executive Order 1 - On the Appointments to Heads of State of the Kingdoms within the Nation, is an Executive Order from the Emperor of Arkonia. It is the first Executive Order ever.


The first section says what this Executive Order will do(appoint heads of state).

The subsections explain, in detail, the leaders of the Kingdom of Arkavia, the Kingdom of Ware, and the second-in-line to the throne of Arkonia.