Legio Desertum

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Legio Desertum
ActiveJune 28th 2021 - Present
BranchAusverian Volksarmee
TypeInfantry Regiment
RoleBicycle Infantry
GarrisonHesse (Will be relocated to Arizona soon)
ColorsWhite, Green, Tan

The Legio Desertum is a regiment of the Ausverian Volksarmee. It focuses on mobile warfare tactics such as employing the use of bicycles in its doctrine. The Legio Desertum also allocates a large portion of its funding toward research for the AVA, using experimental equipment.

Command and Structure

The Legio Desertum is organized in a peculiar manner, seperate from the main system of the Ausverian Volksarmee. It is headed by General Benson, who runs it at the Legion/Division level.



The Legion is a group of 2 or more regiments, under the command of the General. There is only one legion, the Legio Desertum.


A Regiment contains 2 or more Cohorts and is led by a Colonel. Regiments are the largest unit that can have a specialized role.


A Cohort is the smallest unit with Staff. Staff are ranked at Lieutenant and do different jobs depending on whether the Cohort is Infantry or Artillery. The Cohort is led by a Lieutenant Colonel, followed by a Major that manages the Staff. A Cohort will usually contain at least 2 detachments of the same specialization (Infantry or Artillery).


A Detachment has either 2 or more Troops or 3 Batteries. Detachments are led by a Captain.


A troop contains 2 or more Squads, and is led by a Lieutenant. A Battery is 3 or more Crews, and is also led by a Lieutenant.


A squad is 6-11 Legionaires and composes of 2 or 3 Fireteams, with a Squad Leader and occasionally an assistant Squad Leader. A Squad Leader is usually a Sergeant. A Crew is the artillery counterpart of a Squad, composing of at least 4 Legionnaires with one being a Crew Leader at the rank of Sergeant.


A Fireteam in the Legion composes of 2 or 3 Legionaires and is a subsection of a squad. It is led by a Corporal.


The Legio Desertum is led by Benson I.



M21 Winter uniform of the Legio Desertum

The uniforms of the Legio Desertum are based on each season, with there currently being a Summer, and Winter Combat Uniform, as well as a Dress Uniform.

Summer Uniform

The Summer Uniform of the Legio Desertum is designed to keep sand out while blending into the desert environment. The uniform comes in two versions. The first type utilizes DBDU Camoflage for the base of the uniform, and has WWII-Vietnam War webbing. Approved boots are modern desert combat boots or ankle boots paired with gaiters or puttees. Headwear includes a DBDU boonie or a miscellaneous field cap that is approved by a Colonel or higher.

As of 4 September 2021, the new field uniform consists of OD or Field Grey trousers and a brown splinter camoflauge tunic.

Winter Uniform

The Winter Uniform is designed to keep Legionnaires warm, and thus the base of the uniform contains an overcoat and wool trousers. Permitted boots are Jackboots or boots used in the Summer with thick socks. Under the Overcoat, a base field shirt is worn, then a sweater. Webbing stays the same as in the Summer uniform. On the head, a wool Field cap, Helmet, or miscellaneous winter headwear is permitted, and a neck toque is worn.

Dress/Parade Uniform

The Formal Uniform of the Legio Desertum is that of the rest of the AVA for Enlisted Legionnaires, but different for Officers. Officers wear Wool Trousers with an East German Dress Jacket, wearing a Navy Blue tie. For officers under the rank of Colonel, the Double Windsor knot is required for ties, but over, Officers may wear any knot deemed "modest" by the General.


Protective Equipment
Gas Mask and Helmet used by the Legion.

The Legio Desertum approves the use of protective equipment as part of the uniform. Thus, Helmets and Gas masks are present in the Legion and are carried around with the rest of a Legionnaire's gear. Authorized by Legion Command is the M40/55 Stahlhelm and the Polish MC-1 Gas Mask. The MC-1 is carried in a Gas Mask Bag securely around the shoulder and waist, and the helmet is either in or strapped onto a backpack that is authorized by the General.

Other Accessories

Legionnares are authorized to wear a side cap if they are in an artillery crew.


Bike Plans for the Future Legion. Equipment attached to bicycles includes rockets, Smolot M20 Potato Cannons, and a Firework Launcher based on an old Argentorian Design.

The Legio Desertum has one mountain bike (not at garrison) and one crusier bike, but as it grows, the General plans on having one bicycle per legionnaire, with certain bicycles having specific equipment loaded on. The Legion has one Automobile that it can use to transport supplies.



The Legio Desertum has plans to research future equipment for the Ausverian Volksarmee, and has inherited all research from the defunct micronation of Argentoria.



The Legio Desertum has a set of training manuals to aid in the training process. Currently, there is only one manual outlining what other manuals will be about. Manuals are physically printed, then glued and stapled together sturdily.

Drill and Discipline

The Legio Desertum aims the beginning of training with basic drill, which is then refined before recruits proceed in training.